Which Leica is this?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by eric_., May 20, 2002.

  1. Hello all, A friend of mine has this camera. Can anyone tell me which Leica this is and what the approximate value would be?
  2. Eric. The vulcanite is missing, and from your picture, I can't even
    tell if it's a Leica or a Russian copy. If it's indeed a Leica with
    vulcanite stripped, it looks like a Standard to me. You need to post
    more and better photos.
  3. Eliot,


    This is the only picture I have. The serial is 1477xx. He claims it
    is a Leica...
  4. This looks an awful lot like my model 'A' with 50/3.5 collapsible
  5. not an A -- no hockey stick. i think it is a C rather than a
    standard due to the serial number. the chief cosmetic difference
    between the C and the standard is the diameter of the rewind knob.
    eliot will tell you more. i think this is a '34 C.
  6. According to the Leica serial # listings in McKeown's guide 1477**
    should be a Leica standard, chrome, made in 1934. It's hard to tell
    from the photograph but rather than the vulcanite being missing, it
    looks like the camera has been covered with some other material. It
    also seems to be a black camera with brass knobs and lens. From
    those two observations I would strongly suspect a Russian-made
    imposter. It's very hard to tell without clearer, more detailed


    Dale G
  7. a nice thing to do with these cameras is mount a voigt 12/15/21/25 (U
    pik) and an aqccessory VF and use it as a very pocketable scale focus
    camera. the only thing is that for the black lastic voigt finder to
    fit, you have to remove the original finder. it simply screws in, so
    you can take it on and off with doing any permanent damage. just
    make sure you cover the screw holes with two layers of electrical
    tape -- they go all the way through (i.e. you can see daylite if you
    look up thru the bottom). i used a C modified this way for about a
    year with the 25 and got a very large number of portfolio shots.
    indeed, the 35mm image of which i've sold the most copies ever was
    taken with this handy little rig (i bought the camera mail order from
    andrews camera in the UK after it was featured in a piece in AP on
  8. I agree. SN 1477xx was allocated to a 1934 batch of the Leica
    Standard in chrome. This camera rather looks like a Russian copy to
    me. Eric, your dealer should know better.
  9. OK, let's assume it's a Russian copy. We know that the body covering
    is replaced, but that could be done with a Leica too. What should
    one look for to separate a really good copy from the real McCoy?
  10. Skip, you would have to examine quality of construction and the
    engravings (which are not particularly well done on Russian copies),
    which we can't do based on the one photo present. But the fact this
    serial number should be a chrome camera is a clue to its not being
    original. Leica could have converted the camera from chrome to black
    paint, but that's not my best guess.
  11. Thank you all for the responses!<br>
    I have to agree with the opinion of most of us that this is most
    likely a Russian copy. My friend will be disappointed...anyway, I´ll
    tell him to have it checked by the Leica importer to make sure.
  12. Did I not see this camera listed on Ebay recently???
  13. David, yep, that's the one!
  14. the fact that it is black, while allocated a chrome serial number is
    no biggie. there were many many factory conversions. by the way,
    the number is for a IC (big C), not a standard.
  15. I have several references including Rogliatti and Laney that say SN
    1477xxx this is for a chrome Standard (I believe that is IE) made in
    1934. Why do you say otherwise?

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