Which kind of grease for a manfrotto/bogen head?

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  1. Hello, I have a manfrotto 329 3D head, I have been using it for the last 4/5 years. The head has a nice feature in that you can leave the handles not completely closed and that way you get a nice frictioned head. Lastly it has lost this nice friction. I have dismounted it, cleaned it up, replaced the grease a couple of times, but its nice friction isn't back. I think the grease I used is not appropriate, something more dense would be better but what should I look for? I tried to ask Manfrotto and their reply was to send the head in for CLA as that specific grease is not a commercial one. Well i am not convinced to send the head just to have a bit of grease applied, I would be glad to do it myself. Thank you for your advice. Marco
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    I have a Manfrotto med ball head and I used Waterproof wheel bearing grease for use in boat wheel bearings. It is a red color and thick. No problems in about 5 years. I did use it very sparingly.
  3. A company called Nye make damping greases, these specialty lubes are commonly used in ball heads, focusing mechanisms, etc. A quick google will find them for you.
  4. I've read not use grease, as it traps dirt. Just saying read a bit more.
  5. A tiny amount of lithium grease should do well.
    Boats have wheels?
  6. I would use a NON STAINING White grease as used in Commercial kitchens. A little will go a LONG way.
  7. Try this thread
  8. Thank you all for your suggestions.

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