Which is the BEST handheld to buy Canon sx200 or Canon G11

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by stephanie_costello, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. I own a Canon 50D and I am very spoiled on the image quality that it gives me. I am looking for a smaller version of my camera, it doesnt and may not give me the same image quality as my 50D but I want my pictures sharp. I also want to be able to have manual controls. So I am debating on a Canon sx200 or Canon G11. The sx 200 is smaller and has wonderful zoom capability which is nice when Im taking photos of my sons little league games. But there is a slight lag when taking a picture. I tested the G11 and it gave a nice images even though it does not have the large zoom that the sx200 has. But when I snapped the picture it took it no lag. I know that the G11 is slightly larger but it can be put in my purse vs. the sx200. So anyone have any suggestion it will be greatly appreciated.
  2. You may also want to consider the Canon S90. Its like a smaller version of the G11. Not a lot of zoom range but usually more zoom range = less quality.
  3. I have had a G10 and can say confidently that the 28-140 zoom is excellent throughout its range. But the complaint I read in the reviews comparing the G11 with the S90 is the bulk and weight of the G11 for a small sensor camera.The S90 also has a faster lens, 2.0 on the low end. The processors and sensors are supposedly identical.
  4. Thank you I think Im going to get the G11. I was thinking of the s90 but I need the zoom.
  5. The zoom range is actually pretty close between the G11 and S90
  6. I've had a G11 for about a month, now. I will finally have a decent opportunity to put it through its paces this weekend on a trip to New York City. I think, for your needs and preferences, Stephanie, the G11 should be a worthwhile purchase.
    Enjoy and take care!
    Michael J Hoffman
  7. I got a G11 last week, and love it. It feels like a film camera in my hand. Having an external flash capability is a plus, and the 28-140mm equivalent is perfect for my needs.
  8. Stephanie, if you want a long zoom for baseball photos, I would recommend the Panasonic ZS3 instead. It goes all the way out to 300 (crop-equivalent). The main reason for the G11 would be if you want to use Canon flash accessories. But if you are considering the SX200, you probably don't care about that.
  9. So I want zoom for baseball, but I want it to work in low lights & night. Which would be better. I guess i dont have to have too much zoom. If that is the case then I will bring my 50D with my 70-200 lens. I want quality images in a handheld.

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