which is better OM-4 or OM-4 Ti

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by lauren_macintosh, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. Just for grins and giglles Just out of being bored and wondering about that camera system: I know their 50mm 1.4 or their 55mm 1.2 are very very good lens :
  2. Lauren, are you asking about the lenses or the camera itself?
    The Om-4ti is preferred because they are newer and also alot of the OM-4 's had a problem in the circuit that chewed through batteries. There are some minor differences in terms of features however it's not major. The Om-4ti had support for the F280 flash, titanium body and better weather sealing from memory.
    This site might be helpful as it gives you a run down of the entire OM system. You can also compare the differences between camera bodies and versions.
    A good majority of the OM Zuiko lenses are excellent. You are correct with what you say about the 55/1.2 whilst I haven't used it myself I've always heard good things about. The 50/1.4's are good for the price but I tend to prefer a hand-picked 50/1.8 MIJ as it's usually a better performer if you're not worried about the difference in max aperture. As far as the 50mm lenses on offer be sure to check out the 50/3.5 macro, it's my new favourite lens.
  3. Thanks and it was more about body's than lens'es But thanks a lot:
  4. You might be served just as well with an OM1 and a CLA... which will still be several less bucks than an OM4. What you gain getting the OM4 is spot metering, a top speed of 1/2000th, and TTL OTF metering for flash, and a black body option. What you loose is that it is an electronic battery dependant shutter, it's quite a bit louder, the controls are little more fragile, and the film advance is a little rough. If you don't need the fancy electronics and prefer a smooth running machine, the OM1 is def superior. If you enjoy fast metering and all kinds of dedicated flash options, the OM4 is def superior.
  5. Obviously the OM-4T is a better camera than the OM-4, although the titanium is the least important difference (Ti's marginally lighter, but if you bash the camera sufficiently to seriously dent the original brass plates, the chances are you've scrambled the innards anyway - the Ti plates aren't going to save the cameras guts from the impact. Also, although the corrosion resistance if Ti is constantly touted, brass is also pretty corrosion resistant). More importantly, the OM-4T (and late versions of the OM-4) have updated circuitry that lessens the drain on the battery, and (most importantly) the OM-4T gives high speed synch with the F280 flash. Granted, this cuts down the flash range markedly, but I think the ability to use daylight fill flash at any shutter speed is the most significant advantage over the OM-4.
  6. Ti is better, obviously
  7. As David says, later model OM4's had fixed circuits and don't drain the batteries like the early ones... they are MUCH cheaper than the Ti's and only lack the titanium shell and the ability to shoot that specific flash. All OM4's will shoot the earlier T-series flashes wonderfully... and you can shoot a T-series flash in daylight.... not bright daylight with fast film, but certainly afternoon with slow film you can get a nice fill with the T-series.
  8. A 4T or Ti (identical except for top covers) are more expensive than a plain 4 but I would go for one anyway. T/Ti have lowest battery drain, does super fp flash and has better resale value (though why would you sell it once you've got it?) It's the newer MC 1.4 and the 50mm f1.2 that are VERY good, not to be confused with the much older single coated 55mm version. John
  9. "Better" for what? If you are not going to use the "better" features, or if improved ones will not improve your photography, all you have is empty expense. It is "better" to buy more kit which is useful to you.

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