Which eyepiece/eyecup for F2 Photomic?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by bill_stewart|4, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. I have the DP-1 finder on mine. Today the generic "Ebay" one came unscrewed and I lost it at the motocross race. According to a Nikon eyepiece chart, the 2923 will fit. But will the newer 2925 with DK-3 eyecup fit? Wasn't this a new and improved design but with the same threads?
  2. they should fit. i've used the eyepiece for the fm2n on the f2. but it does look a little weird as it is pretty thin. ended up with the f3's eyepiece and it works beautifully
  3. The rubber eyecup on my F2 is a DK-3 and the eyepiece cover-glass has the same thread that fits the FE, FM, FA, FE2 and FM2 bodies. There's no part number on the box that my spare eyepiece came in; it's just marked "Finder Eyepiece for FE, FM, FA, FE2 & FM2".
    My F3HP has a larger diameter eyepiece, so I can't say if the standard F3 prism takes the same glass as the F2 or not. I'd actually recommend the eyepiece for the FE etc. though, since it seems to have a slightly longer thread than the F2 original and retains the DK-3 a bit more securely.
    It's probably best to get a genuine DK-3 because it's got the unsupported rubber flap at the bottom to allow the camera back to be opened easily.
    EDIT: Last part of the barcode on the eyepiece box is indeed 02925.
  4. As far as I've been able to determine, there are only two thread sizes: There's the smaller one, common to Nikkormats, F's, F2's and non HP F3's, and the larger size which fits high eyepoint finders, including the F3HP, F6, F100, etc. You can usually pretty well figure what fits what from the Nikon chart, which I seem to have lost for the moment.

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