Which DSLR?

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by lucas_dos_santos, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. Which of these cameras should I buy?

    -Canon Powershot SE IS

    -Fuji FinePix S700

    -Kodak Easyshare Z712IS

    -Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ8S

    -Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ8K
  2. Yes

    You give us no information about your needs or requirements. How can we possibly answer.

  3. Oh, did I mention that none of the cameras on your list are DSLRs.

    Crawl back under your bridge troll
  4. By "Canon Powershot SE IS" I assume you mean Canon's "S5 IS." That one and the Panasonic FZ8 (S is for silver, K is for black - no other difference) have real optical image stabilization (IS). Both cameras are worthy candidates to choose from. The Fuji and Kodak do not have a real IS system.

    The prime rule in buying a superzoom point & shoot camera is: never buy a superzoom that does not have real optical image stabilization. You won't be able to hold it steady with such a long lens without real IS. Digital stabilization, and other forms of IS are fake.

    Sorry if this offends any non-IS superzooom owners, but you should have asked me before wasting your money. :)
  5. All of them.
  6. honestly, the attitude of some of the regulars here are uncivil to say the least. charles webster - the original poster had not provided enough information in his post. if you do not like his question why don't you just ignore it? what is the point of calling him a troll? good manners seem to be a bygone art these days.

    lucas is obviously new to photography, surely, the polite way would be to point out to him the cameras he had mentioned are all in the so called 'bridge' bracket where they offer manual control without the ability to change lenses.
  7. Bernie.... I wanted to say that!
  8. ... yes.. you may have wanted to say that.. but I didn't.

    as stated .. none of those cameras are digital Single Lens Reflex cameras. .. they are Digital Point and Shoot (D PoS).. anyway.. look up reviews for each of them. there will be plenty.. decide what you are interested in. and then make a choice. We can't make one for you.
  9. Obviously since I cant make a mistake and have some fool ridicule me I will stop using these forums. I thank those who gave an informational answer. Oh and by the way I knew they weren't DSLRS i just didn't know the actual name.I thought they werent digital point and shoot because they looked more like dslrs....obviously a mistake on my part.oh and Charles Webster don't respond if you have nothing good to say. Photo.net doesn't need fools to plague their forums who have no life and must give dumb answers to look tough.
  10. Ask a vague question, get a variety of answers. Assume people somehow can read your mind, and the problem is yours.

    If anyone cannot communicate properly, they should not be surprised at any response they receive. If you choose to be needlessly vague, Lucas then the fault is your own.
  11. You listed 4 cameras, and wrote in the FZ8 twice. So the votes have it by popular demand. Get the FZ8.

    Okay, let's get serious Lucas. Ignore the fools (or anyone you deem to be a fool - perhaps myself included). What do you want to use the camera for? How much are you willing to spend? How large a camera are you willing to carry with you most of the time?
  12. Go to DPreview.com, look at the cameras and make up your mind. Come back here if you have a more specific question.
  13. Assuming you are not a TROLL, if you are you have raised the dust ... LOL ... the cameras are not DSLRs but pro-sumers. Pro-sumers are top of the line digicams though some people call them P&Ss, ignoring that every camera, even DSLRs, can be used in full automatic mode like the simplest digicam :)

    I would pick the Panasonics or second choice the Canon, I choose the former largely on cherries offered by retailers originally and have stuck with them with subsequent purchases. I prefer black cameras :)

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