Which DSLR camera is better Nikon D3300 and Canon EOS 1300D?

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  1. Which DSLR camera is better Nikon D3300 and Canon EOS 1300D?

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  2. Neither. Or both.

    I would rate neither as ideal for wedding or event work; both are entry-level cameras lacking the build quality, AF performance and speed to be a real cornerstone for a professional kit. Both are excellent cameras otherwise; the choice between them has got more to do with handling (ergonomics), system and choice of accesories and price.
  3. It's like asking which is better? Ford or Chevrolet? Both Canon and Nikon will do the job, what glass do you already have? Wouter is right though, if you are going to do a lot of wedding work you need something a little higher up the product line and you need two of them. Always always have a backup.

    Rick H.
  4. No clue. - Neither offers an option for AF micro adjustments that would very likely be needed for low light work at wide open apertures. - Only workaround would be an ability to buy your desired set of fast lenses new, before the warranties expire and send everything in.
    Each should be capable of shooting formals with lots of light.
    Considering what they aren't, I'd decide based upon what I am planning to get and / or am able to borrow.
  5. Thank you for your replies.

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