Which Domke Insert for a 5D + 35 1.4 lens?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by mark.brennan, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. Hi All -
    Happy New Year. I don't use camera bags much - mostly I just carry the camera around my shoulder or neck when I go out. However, in an effort to keep the camera with me more often, I need to explore bag options and one idea I had was to use a Domke insert and a standard messenger bag.
    To that end, does anyone know what size/type of Domke insert would hold my 5D with 35 mm 1.4 L lens mounted? I keep things pretty simply and don't carry/use other lenses/bodies.
    Any advice or info is greatly appreciated!
  2. I'd recommend a Domke F-6 bag. That's the perfect size for that combination.
  3. It will fit in something like this with the inserts removed and stretched out or pointed down.
    Try looking at the Newswear which is less padding and more flimsy. It will fit here also:
    Also... non photo gear. This is more of a case... kinda stiff:
    Best thing I have found for a messenger bag is the Tenba insert but it doesn't leave room for much of anything else depending on the size of your messenger bag:
  4. A midsize towel in a messenger bag works for me. Also use it in my normal backpack.
  5. I too used to toss a towel on the bottom of my messenger bag and stuff my camera inside. I could actually fit my EOS 3 and 400 5.6L inside, busting it out on a moment's notice.
  6. Hi All -
    Sorry not to reply sooner. Thanks to all for their feedback.
    - Jan & Puppy Face: I like the casual nature of a messenger bag and towel, but I think I'd probably use a Domke wrap instead of a towel, if I go with this choice;
    - Aaron: thanks for your various options. Rather than going with the J-series insert and removing or folding down the panels, wouldn't the Domke FA-211 large insert work better (http://www.tiffen.com/displayproduct.html?tablename=domke&itemnum=720-211)?
    - Eric: the F-6 bag is a sweet bag, and very classic, but I'm probably going to stay away from a "pure" camera bag. Although I must say, if I did go with a camera bag I would be tempted by the Crumpler bags.
    Thanks again.
  7. No problem carrying around your gear in such a bag but I don't advise storing equipment in canvas bags because they retain moisture and become breeding grounds for mold and mildew. Lost a lens just this way.

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