Which Canon remote release is best?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by r._j., Aug 24, 2004.

  1. At present there seems to be two Canon remote cable releases, the
    bare bones RS-80 N3 "remote switch" as Canon call it, and the TC-80N3.

    Comments on which might be best suited to my uses would be
    appreciated. I need a cable release (for Canon EOS-3 and EOS-1v HS
    bodies) that will do ALL of the following:

    Bulb exposures, manually times by me;
    Auto long exposures, timed by the camera;
    vibration-free tripping of the shutter when using long lenses;
    as a standard cable release (whenever the camera is on a tripod, I

    It seems the basic RS-80N3 requires me to keep the shutter depressed
    the whole time during a time exposure, whereas the TC-80N3 will
    permit me to dial in the exact exposure time in a 'set and leave'
    type of mode. Comments welcome....
  2. The RS-80N3 has a lock on it. You can leave it locked as long as you like. Unless you do a lot of time exposure with exact setting, RS-80N3 is good enought. $50 VS $130. You pick.
  3. You may benefit from reading this review at Luminous Landscape-

    I have the TC and it is a blast and well worth a few extra bucks imho.

    Hard to believe a timer/cable release can be a creative tool, but this once fills the bill!

  4. With the cheap one, you use your wristwatch. With the expensive one you set it and forget it. I do lots of star/night photos and absolutely love the expensive one. I had to chop it though and attach a different connector for use on my Eos 5's. Works great though.
  5. The following is the most flexible commercially sold model I've come across - although rather more than the limited capability you're looking for, but it allows triggering pretty much any which way (different kinds of sensors as well as timers), and some very fancy timing options.

  6. I have the TC - it's worth the extra IMO.
  7. cgo


    I have the RS-80 N3 for my 10D. It works fine but I sure do miss the wireless remote I had for my Elan IIe. To my knoewledge there isn't a wireless remote for the 10D. Right? What about for the 20D?
  8. tan


    There is no cheap wireless remote switch for the 20D either. I wish Canon
    would introduce a key-fob like remote switch like the D70 which cost only as
    much as a key ring!

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