Which Canon FD body has these features?

Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by eric_t|2, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. I'm looking at upgrading from my AE-1 to get some features I'm
    missing, they are:

    1) Depth of Field Preview
    2) Spot Metering
    3) Interchangable Focusing Screens
    4) Mirror Lock-Up
    5) Shutter speeds up to 30 seconds

    Do any Canon FD cameras have all of these features? If not which ones
    have the most of these features?
  2. My T-90 does those things. I would not trade it for anything.
  3. The T90 doesn't have mirror lockup, actually. Great camera otherwise.
  4. The F-1 has the first three features. Mirror Lockup isn't needed in the F-1 due to excellent vibration damping, unless you have an old 19mm FL lens that won't work without it. And for long exposures, use a watch.

  5. <p>As far as I know, the only FD body with MLU is the Canon EF. It has everything else you are looking for, except spot metering.

    <p>I guess you could use a handheld spot meter if you really need one.

    <p>But if MLU isn't absolutely critical... get the T90.
  6. Hi Eric... If you want all these features, using FD lenses, then you're going to have to buy two. Which is never a bad idea. I'd go with either the FTbn, EF or old F-1 for non battery dependent mechanical shutter, very easy depth of field use and mirror lock up. The EF will give shutter priority AE and 1/125 flash sync, the old F-1 has interchangeable screens and finders, you can add a winder too. The FTbn is, like the other two, a very well build easy to use camera.

    The second camera should be either the T90 or F-1N. Then you get everything but mirror lock up, except the F-1N only goes down to 8 seconds, the T90 down to 30. Funny thing the F-1N has a 1 EV more sensitive meter at low light but its programmed to only select an 8 second exposure. If you need longer, of course use a watch.

    These last two cameras, along with the A-1, have the most features. The T90 and A-1 have the same basic AV, TV, P features but the T90 has choice of spot/partial/center weight meter, 6 extra programmed AE shifts, TTL flash, sync's at 1/250, built in drive, power film rewind, adds 1/2000 and 1/4000 speeds etc. etc. The F-1N is a professional systems camera with replaceable finders, winders, motor drives, spot meter, everything but no TTL flash. I guess Canon couldn't fit removable finders in with an off-the-film flash exposure meter.

    For an overview of F, A and T series cameras try:



  7. As mentioned all these feature do not exist in one body.

    Mirror Lock up = Ftb, Fx, EF?

    Replaceable screens = AE-1P, T90, F1

    Spot meter = T90, F1

    Shutter speeds up to 30 seconds = probably the T90 but I have never tried it.

    The FX is actually quite an interesting if uncommon "F" series - it has mirror lock up and an "external" meter to the right of the rewind knob that is mechanically linked to the shutter speed dial. As you change the speed it will indicate different stops according to the light reading.
  8. Thanks for everyone's replies, I really appreciate the help. I'm guessing that the camera's mentioned don't have any major common problems or any annoying design issues that I might want to be aware of, right?
  9. i have the EF and have been very impressed with it. it's a bit heavy, very rugged pre-plastics construction. it does have shutter speeds to 30 seconds, in addition to mirror lockup and DOF preview; it's also one of VERY few cameras of its era that runs just fine on alkaline batteries (PX625A). it was very expensive in its day and i consider it a vast upgrade from an AE1.

    what it lacks, in addition to interchangeable screens and spot metering, is any provision for a winder or motor drive, if that's important to you.

    rick :)=
  10. Shutter speed 30 sec's (W/o using B) A-1. Focus screens changeable but not by user really, DOF preview like every FD camera. MLU not all that neccesary on 35mm, mirror has alot less mass and leverage than MF. Spot metering no, but can exposure hold from closer.
  11. The 1st and second versions of the F-1 come very close to what you want. If mirror lock-up is important, choose one of these. If not so important, then the F1n (3rd version) is a good choice. Why? The AE finder and the power winder allow aperture and shutter priority auto exposure respectively. The spot meter optional screen in the F1n is a true 3% spot meter, wheras the "spot" of the older F1's is a 12% rectangle. F1n's had the 12% "spot" with the normal prism finder. Any of the F-1's can take a Speed Finder, which gives a bigger viewfinder image, easier for us old guys to focus. You won't get your 5) with any F-1, although the F1n with the AE finder may come close.
  12. As to your last question: design flaws. The A series Canons are prone to "Canon squeek" a lack of or need for relubrication of the mirror damping mechanism. Also, they are completely battery dependent -- dead battery = camera as paperweight. The F series cameras are not subject to "Canon squeek" 'cuz they used a different mirror damping mechanism. They are battery dependent only for the meter (not including the F-1N (I think). Also, can't speak for the F-1N, but the first two versions of the F-1 (referred to as "F-1" and "F-1 second style") have mirror lock-up. The differences between the first two versions were minor as I recall -- the second style added a plastic tip to the film wind lever, and there were a couple other inconsequential changes. I'm very partial to the 12% semispot meter of the original and F-1 second style -- it's a rectangular area in the center of the frame which includes the central microprism/split image spot. If you're only going to get one, that would get my vote.
  13. Actually... the F-1 in first or second generation will do all you ask IF you put the Booster-T finder on it. Shutter speeds will go as long as you like... (providing you keep the cable release pressed). The Booster-T finder will go to 30 seconds metering times though.
  14. >Shutter speeds up to 30 seconds = probably the T90 but I have never tried it.

    I don't have a T-90,but i know that with the command back option you can programe it to open the shutter for almost any length of time,from seconds to hours.
  15. Again, thanks everyone for their input and opinions, it is very much appreciated.

    Backing up a bit, is getting a different Canon FD body really the best choice for me? Here's my current list of cameras/lenses:

    Canon AE-1 body with: Canon 50mm f1.8, Vivitar 70-210mm, Sears 60-300mm (all in optically very good shape)

    Minolta Maxxum 7xi body with: Minolta AF 35-80mm (both in near mint)

    The type of photography I'm doing mostly is nature photography. I'm very much a beginner, so I have equal interest in both close-up and landscape photography. The main reason why I was thinking of a different Canon FD body is to use my existing lenses. Or would be getting additional lenses for the Minolta a better choice since its a current lens system, and my body does have some of the features I'm looking at (despite it not having DOF preview).

    Guidance please???
  16. Get an F1 of any variation (newer is better). Make sure its working well (ie, have return rights).

    You'll get 1/2000 sec exposures, and better viewfinder coverage.

    Also, if you can snag one, the sportsfinder for an F1 is THE BOMB... real swell

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