Which brand of Nikon that I should buy from Amazon?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by tiffany_watson, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. I've looking over on google to find which is best brand of Nikon.
    It has to be in amazon, because I find it cheaper.
    I want to traveling and take picture of nature, animals, cities, etc.
    Also what kind of lenses & tripod is the best for Nikon?
    Tell me what do you think. Thank you, ~TW :)
  2. How much do you want to spend? It will come down to lenses. The lenses you need to take photos of (wild) animals are entirely different than the ones you would use to take pictures in a city.
    Kent in SD
  3. Your decision process is unusual, to my way of thinking. You seem to have decided on Nikon and Amazon, and now are starting to work on the type of camera you need, and, within the type, the model. As most folks on pnet don't follow that unusual approach, I'm not sure how much we can help.
    However, here's my advice: With such a foggy idea about what you want, don't spend more than $800 on camera + kit lens. With that price limit, the best choice is mirrorless. Two classes of mirrorless are obvious choices, micro 4/3 (Panasonic or Olympus) or Sony NEX.
    Nikon doesn't make any mirrorless worth buying, in my opinion, nor does Canon. (Both have SLR turf to protect.)
    Get a Panasonic G5 or G6 or whatever number they are up to (I have a G3), and you'll be fine. It's the least expensive m4/3 with an integrated EVF.
  4. If you don't have an idea, maybe a D3000 or D5000 series camera with the kit lens and a 70-300 or maybe that 28-300 is more convenient for you but you won't get the "best" as in optics. I think you mean best for your situation though. B/c best optics cost thousands of dollars and many lbs of weight. If you are just going to be on a tourist ferry boat, the zoo, some kind of safari park and do the city sightseeing the cafe and the restaurants and the pubs, you won't be lugging lbs of equipment around for long. Tripod, maybe a Manfrotto or known as a Bogen in the USA they may be heavier thou b/c again unless you want to spend up to $1,000US for a carbon fibre Gitzo. Or the Mirrorless ones. A good optics lens could be min of 1kg but you prob need at least 3x of them if you wanna do cities, nature etc. portraiture maybe too....
    Well the best is a 14-24, 24-70, 70-200, 200-400 yeah that would do it scenic pix to wildlife but each lens cost avg of $2,000 the last one $5,000 isn't it or something ... Not too uncommon on dpreview, that is the dream combo some people are striving for, haha ....
  5. Nikon is the brand, you mean which model of Nikon. For camera equipment, I don't find Amazon any cheaper than B&H or Adorama, and many times Amazon will charge tax, but outside of New York, B&H and Adorama do not. Where are you located Tiffany?
    It certainly would help if you could say a budget, but just to make some blind suggestions; for a smaller body, a D5200 with either a kit lens 18-55mm f/3.5-4.5 and 55-200mm AF-S VR f/4-5.6G IF-ED. or an 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6Gā€Ž VR (if you don't want to keep changing lenses) will accommodate your request. If you prefer a larger body, the D7000 or D7100. These lens choices are not great in low light, so adding a flash would help a lot, like the SB-700. A tri-pod that costs around $100-150 US should be fine.
  6. "Nikon is the brand, you mean which model of Nikon."
    or just cameras in general.
  7. Good advice here.

    If I were you, I'd go to a camera store where you can see and hold some of these in your hands, and get some good advice on what to buy, and yes, buy it THERE and support your local camera store, which you need, imho. Amazon is good for people who absolutely know what they want or need and don't need help or advice.
    If it were me, based on your description. I'd buy a D3100 or D3200 with the 18-55 kit lens, and then shoot with nothing but that for at least a month or two.
    Then you will know what (and if) you need another lens (probably a telephoto in the 70-300 category).
    Do NOT overbuy.
  8. Welcome, Tiffany. I'm just going to balance out Marc's advice, because I'm not sure it's good in this case. There are some very good mirrorless cameras (I have a Nikon V1 and a Panasonic GF2), but they're usually slightly more expensive than an equivalent DSLR because of economies of scale, and "pictures of animals" suggests DSLR-grade autofocus. I'm not saying don't consider mirrorless, but nor would I completely dismiss DSLRs, even restricted to the price range Marc suggested; nor, from the sounds of it, would I tie myself to Nikon. I do also agree that you shouldn't buy the most expensive system you can afford in the assumption that it's going to be the "best" - cameras have different trade-offs. That also applies to buying the "best" lenses - first pick what you want the lens to do (have a particular field of view, have a zoom range, let in a certain amount of light, have a certain amount of depth of field control, be sharp, have smooth bokeh, weigh under a certain amount, be weatherproof, focus close, cost less than a certain amount) and then we can define "best" for you. I love my 200 f/2 VR, which is very good for several things, but utterly useless at a number of others - one of which is being affordable, and another of which is being easy to carry.

    Once you've decided on camera and lenses, if you hop over to the accessories forum I'm sure we can offer advice on a tripod.

    If you let us know your budget, how much you're willing to carry (do you want something to fit in a pocket? a back pack? a car?), and some more details of your needs (travelling where? what kinds of nature and animals? which cities?) we might be able to be more help. But I second the suggestion of going to a camera store and seeing what kind of thing you might be after - even if you can afford a D4, actually handling one might not be the experience you want!
  9. Tiffany,
    We need a little more info to really help you out. Do you want a point and shoot ( really small ) , an "advanced" point and shoot ( bigger but with more controls ), or a DSLR sized camera ?
    How much do you want to spend ? There is a big difference in the under $200 cameras, the $200-$500 cameras, and the $500 but under $1000 cameras.
    Do you want a camera with a fixed lens you can not change, or one you CAN remove the lens and change what you can take pictures of ?
    don't spend more than $800 on camera + kit lens. With that price limit, the best choice is mirrorless.​
    I disagree with this. A mirrorless camera doesn't take any better pictures or come with more features than a camera with a mirror. All it is is smaller and quieter and most often doesn't have an optical viewfinder which can make taking pictures in bright sun a problem.
  10. I've been seeing some good prices on NEX cameras lately - discounts on the 5R because the 5T is coming and the new
    3000 will be $400, which is cheap. I'd take something like that, if travel is the primary area of interest.

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