Which Baby Prop To Choose?

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  1. Hi,
    I'm just getting into baby photography, and my wife is 7 mos pregnant and I was wondering if anyone had any input about which baby prop/positioner to buy?
    I see that at http://www.backdropoutlet.com they have 2 different ones, this 3 way foam one http://www.backdropoutlet.com/3-WAY-FOAM-BABY-POSER/productinfo/EX110/, and this 2 piece one http://www.backdropoutlet.com/2-PC-BABY-POSER/productinfo/PR9645/.
    Does anyone have any opinions about either one, or are there better props out there? Thanks for the help!
  2. I worked at a portrait studio for years and we used a standard adjustable high chair and covered it with materials (satins, fleeces). sitting, then flip it around and prop them on their tummy peaking over the top. another alternative is a bean bag chair, though i found the high chair easier because it offered more support.
  3. The foam baby poser is the better of the two. The hole in the side lets Mom put her arm through it to help hold the baby, but her arm (and the poser itself) gets hidden by whatever baby blanket or fabric you use with it. I have both the foam poser and a big piece of "baby fur" I use with it -- a couple of yards of fake fur from the fabric store that looks like a polar bear bearskin rug. Before that, I used our regular baby seat -- the one that you carry the baby around in, not the one from the car. Just cover it with similar fabric and arrange the baby, with pillows if need be, to sit up. Not sure what others did, but I didn't do real formal portraits of our kids til they were around four months old. At that point they can be proppped up easily and their eyes and expressive. They will look at you or the camera and make cute little grins, and play with their hands. By six months they can even start to sit up on their owns. Don't wait much longer though -- then they learn to crawl and can get away.
  4. Thanks guys that was very helpful!

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