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Where in the World do you live?

  1. North America/Canada

  2. Mexico/Central America

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  3. South America

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  4. Europe/Scandanavia

  5. England/Scotland/Wales/Ireland

  6. Australia/New Zealand

  7. Pacific Bordering Countries

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  8. India/South Asia/Middle East

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  9. Russia/China

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  10. Other

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Drawing a distinction between the english speaking countries and the rest of Europe does make some sense, given that this is an anglophone forum.

    Personally, I'm in Corrèze, France where it is currently raining, a lot. Which is not much fun, as I'm covering a music festival (Nuits de Nacre, Tulle) this weekend...
  2. You must be a dreamer....

    What, by the bye, WAS the "original intent" ???

    I just assumed it was trying out the "questionaire/survey" function.:rolleyes:
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  3. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    'But I'm not the only one -
    I'm dreaming of the day,
    When the World can live as one'

  4. Right, and as John Lennon knew and showed, you didn’t get there by remaining silent about injustice. He spoke (sang) up while dreaming of a better world. He never turned tail and … agreed to disagree.
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  5. PapaTango

    PapaTango I See Things

    Oh Boy! :p

    Of all the directions I thought this poll/thread might go, this was not even remotely one of them...

    @q.g._de_bakker , yes it is a strange grouping. Xenforo (the discussion platform we are on) allows an 'out of the box' maximum default of up to10 questions. I confess a portion of Amerocentric bias in how the group was constructed. It was also heavily informed by taking a casual note of where our members are over the years. This is why we have the category "England/Scotland/Wales/Ireland" stated that way. Ireland is an island. As this is nothing but a casual and flawed survey--we are not really interested in what governmental entity of Ireland we are looking to garner information about. England is on an island, along with Scotland. While the island is called Great Britain and is still bled of blood and treasure by the masters of the United Kingdom, my Scot-Irish ancestors would be dismayed to think of their native soil as anything aside from what it culturally and historically is. But enough of that as this gets the idea across. The groups are geographic/cultural clusters of which I think a significant number of our membership exists. Interestingly enough, the groups also mimic the Y-DNA Haplogroup model of the world, except for the Russa/China one. I lumped them together because the people who run their governments are oppressive dicks. :eek:

    But meanwhile back at the GOAT farm, yes it is still a survey about where we are, and the groupings do serve to advise us of where significant numbers of members are located. I am surprised that someone in PN authority has not come along with a splintered ruler and smacked our collective knuckles... o_O
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  6. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good


    Can't recall the originator, but 'Anyone prepared to campaign for four years to become President certainly should not be entrusted with the job.'

  7. PapaTango

    PapaTango I See Things

    And we owe a sincere debt to Johnny Carson for putting Lennon on the same show with Forrest Gump... :rolleyes:
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  8. So why not 'British Isles'?
    But still makes little sense. Scandinavia, another part of Europe, given a separate mention, together with Europe. Et cetera. Strange choices.
    Not due to the forum software.
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  9. PapaTango

    PapaTango I See Things

    Ten questions are allowed. I used all ten. Sorry you don't like the arrangement. If I recall correctly, you don't like much.

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  10. From the hillsides of New Hampshire (the live free or die state), in good old New England, USA, where I don't live but photograph often ...

    ... you hit the nail on the head ...
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  11. There is European Russia and Asian or Asiatic Russia, since it is in both parts of the world. Not a lot to be proud of where I live at present, and not really a lot to be proud of where I come from either. Most of us can see it and know it too.
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  12. "Yeah, it's an nasty place over two million people risked their lives to enter this year."

    All this says is that there are lot of worse places, not that the current place is great. A lot of people want to go to Western Europe too, despite it, apparently, being a socialist nightmare.
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  13. Born and raised in Pittsburgh Pa and spent most of my 77 years there, except for 17 in California, 5 in Utah, and now 3 in Missouri where I am now (I don't count the time of my tour in the USMC). It's all good. I liked the places and the people and even still have friends from way back when in N. California and Utah. I don't have any desire to live in other countries or even to visit. I've barely scratched the surface of the USA.
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  14. Great poll! It doesn't surprise me that the majority (62%) of active forum members live in the US. What does (pleasantly!) surprise me is that 38% don't.

    I hadn't expected that PN's (active forum) membership would be so geographically diverse.

    I'm an active member of a UK-based sax forum and I've helped the owner/mods out from time to time with 'Google Analytics'. These show a lot of (completely anonymous) stats about website visitors including geographical location, new vs returning visitors, most and least visited pages, time spent on pages, etc. Google Analytics can be (or has been) added to 'Forums' too.

    The 'owner' publishes stats from time to time that are relevant to members (geographical distribution). He and the mods also host regular member polls to collect member opinions on various site-related topics. For example: how often do you use this feature (and can it be retired?), this new feature has become available in Xenforo (PN forums) - how do you rate its value to you?

    So 2 points:
    - polls (and Google Analytics) are a great way of informing members about the PN membership
    - polls are also a great way of involving members in decision-making going forward

    I should add that the sax forum is a 'not for profit' organisation. Any profits (above operating costs) are donated to charities. Neither the owner nor mods derive any personal income from the site. They are all basically volunteers.

  15. On countries and politics, I live in Europe and - though I have my personal opinions on the US and other countries - I deliberately refrain from expressing them publicly. I strongly believe that political views are best left to the citizens of any country.

    But I am glad that I live in a country (NL) which - along with Germany, other Benelux and Nordic countries - traditionally has multi-party coalition governments rather than a binary '2-party system' such as in the UK or US.

    NL (amongst other countries) has long been known as governing by concensus. At National, Provincial and City levels. Yes, there are policy 'trends' depending on whether a left or right leaning coalition is formed. But for the most part, different parties have to 'get along' to be able to govern. All parties (depending on their share of the vote) have to make some concessions to their 'partners' in government.

    IMHO, a government by concensus goes a long way in avoiding political polarization.

    One criticism of coalition governments is that are weak. FWIW I think that few people would criticize Angela Merkel's coalition governments as being 'weak'.
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  16. That works sometimes but at other times can be a danger. Sentiments like this led to American isolationism in the 1930s which let the evils Europe was facing get stronger and more powerful. Sometimes, the world has to take a stand. Especially in our current global environment, the rise of despots and authoritarians in many countries including the U.S. ought to be everyone’s business and concern.
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  17. Rather than "multi-party coalition governments", the two US parties are parasitized by ideologues, usually referred to as "neo-con" or "neo-lib", neither of which are actually Republicans or Democrats. Possibly the last times the two parties were not parasitized were the Johnson and the Nixon administrations, I think. When the parasites control both parties some refer to the parties as the uni-party.
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  18. Shame she had such a weakness for Putin’s oil and gas.
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  19. "FWIW I think that few people would criticize Angela Merkel's coalition governments as being 'weak'"

    "Shame she had such a weakness for Putin’s oil and gas" Ludnilla

    Change the word weakness to greed..

    Most things end up in that place.
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  20. You are aware of the Energiewende?
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