Where to take old press cameras for CLA

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  1. I hear Linhofs are sent to Laflex for servicing/CLA but what about other press/technical cameras like burke & james, meridians, busch pressman, speed graphics, etc...? Is there one good reputable place everyone goes to or is it a matter of just finding some local guy that's just good at tinkering with photo gadgets?
  2. Anyone?...
  3. It may depend on the problems with the camera/s. Someone may know about repairers, give it a little more time for an informed response, don't give up yet.
  4. You hear only part of the story.
    Both Bob Watkins at Precision and Nippon in NYC are factory trained LInhof service centers. You should always go to the factory sites to see who is authorized. Both these repair centers and the country distributors spent time and money for them to become authorized.
  5. Hi Guys,
    Thanks for your replies. I've heard the name Nippon mentioned before but I had no idea they were in New York. Where is Precision located? Both in New York?
  6. California
  7. Bill at Pro Camera in Charlottesville, VA, is good with Speed-Graphic shutters.

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