Where to start when the user needs to upload multiple photos to my site

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  1. I am starting a business where the user will upload multiple photos to my site. These should be not be viewable to any other users or available on the web. I need to then download them to my personal PC in order to manipulate, design, create etc using the client's personal uploaded photos. I have no idea where to start. Any help would be great. I am thinking a wordpress base, but I am not sure if I will be able to have this function. Thanks!
  2. You already have some "my site", so the best is to contact people who created that web site.
    The problem is too complex to explain in any meaningful/usable way, here in few sentences.
    The easiest perhaps could be to consider making a FTP server and allow file tranfers for your friends, then you or whoever manages your site, will place pictures on the your site.
    For full features business solution you will need some more mature solution.
  3. In short, if you're not technical enough to already have brewed up a solution for this, fall back to one of the many third party solutions that are now available. There are lots to choose from, many free.

    Are there a small number of recurring customers, or will these be random people from out of the blue that will be uploading things before you've had any prior occasion to work/communicate with them?

    It it's the former, then I'd suggest using something very simple like a shared DropBox folder (see dropbox.com). Piece of cake.

    It it's the latter, then you will want to look at something like Smugmug (which now allows things like visitor uploads to your password protected galleries), or to get someone to help you set up a content management system like Drupal on your site (or AS your site) so that you can provide user accounts and content upload features controlled in a very granular way.

    In the interests of expedience, and assuming you're not dealing with the retail public but instead with known clients, I'd explore something like Dropbox.

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