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Discussion in 'Sports' started by simon_zheng, Sep 1, 2004.

  1. Hi, I have a question. I'm an amateur sports photographer and I
    recently went to the Dodgers/Braves game and had a decent shot of the
    bat being broken by the ball and half away in the air. I'd like to
    give it a shot and send it to some magazine or something and see
    maybe they can publish it. Do you guys have any suggestions as to
    where to send? Thanks!
  2. Hit the newstands and look for Sports Illustrated, Sporting News, ESPN, etc., and get the
    contact info for the photo editor at each mag.
  3. Simon, I don't want to be a wet blanket here, but....
    You say you are an amateur who attended the game. I'm guessing that means
    you were in the stands with a slr and decent lens? Or were you credentialled
    and on the field?
    If you were a ticketholder in the stands you don't have rights to shoot the
    game commercially. If you were credentialled you should only be selling the
    photo to the company who put in for you, but realisticly can sell to most
    editorial uses.
    By the morning after the game the magazines have edited photos from
    several photographers and agencies and made their choices. To come in off
    the street afterward and have them buy your photo instead of what they
    already have, it would have to be spectacular.
    Probably what you have is a good shot for your portfolio. Go ahead and send
    it to some magazines and local newspapers along with a few other examples
    of your work. They probably won't run it but someone might like it enough to
    give you an assignment.
  4. Just make sure that there was no prohibition on commercial photography on your ticket or displayed somewhere. It's quite possible, since a ball park is a private institution, that the owners have a ban on commercial use of any images taken there without written permission.

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