Where to sell My Hasselblad and what should I charge?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by jerry_svensson|1, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. Hi guys!
    I have finally decided to sell my Hasselblad. It rarely get used this days, not even close to how I'm using my M6, and I want to finance a digtal M body, so Im letting it go.

    Im based in Sweden, and looking for good marketplaces to sell the gear (or do trades). Whats the most reliable place for thus? Unfortunaly I cant use Ebay since my limit wont allow it.

    Second, I find it hard to come down to a good price for it. It's a 500 C/M in good condition with two lenses, one black 15mm/f4 distagon CF T*, one chrome 150mm sonar and two backs. It comes with a bunch of accessories, 4 different extension Tubes, quick release plate, strap, bunch of filters, one extra unused split screen, one extra filmslide for the backs, three Hassy filters, three HOYA filters, two different length wire releases, A Hard Case and a Metz 45 flash. The case have two rips, no keys and missing one of the walls- Everything works and are in great condition, some small paint scuffs on the body and the lenses, but that's about it.
    Any ideas? (convincing me to keep it is also welcomed)
  2. You should be able to use ebay to establish a range of value for your gear. Search the completed sales.
    If you cannot sell on ebay you may be very handicapped.
  3. Hi Brian. Thanks for calling me handicapped. :) I hope you meant that it without Ebay it will be hard to sell.. Anythign else would be rude :D My Limit on Ebay is 500$, to raise it I need to basically call to USA and hassle with it, something I haven't bothered to do. I have 100% positive feedback and from my understanding my limit should go up automatically, something it haven't done.
    Should be other good places than Ebay though?

    I tried to go piece by piece on ebay for prices, and came up with with a quite large number, and looking at smaller, sold kits that didn't seemed like a reasonably price - thus asking for opinions.
  4. I would second KEH, but you will be disappointed with what you get. Try their online quoting system. There are two types of sellers: those who actually want to sell something (i.e. want to get rid of it and will take a reasonable offer), and those who are obsessed with getting the "what they are worth". The latter category will probably end up disappointed as these MF systems are not worth much anymore, so the net result will they will sell very very slowly, if at all. I sold my 500 C/M body and 3 backs and 50mm Distagon in 2009 to KEH, but sold the 80 and 150s here on Photonet. I didn't get much for the 500 C/M and the backs, but got more for the 50mm. I got more for the 80 and 150 selling them privately than KEH offered.
  5. Looked into KEH, but I rather sell private. KEH would only give me a fraction of the value I guess, and counting the shippingcost for me it isn't worth it. thanks though.
  6. Im not obsessed with getting last penny of what an obsessed seller would want, but its a camera a value that couldeasily stay with me, so a reasonable amount that I can chuck into a new M is what Im looking at.
  7. Do you have something like Craig's List in Sweden? That might be an option. Private party sale will likely yield the most reasonable price - closest to whatever the gear's "value" is. Of course, selling as a complete kit would be best since selling piece-by-piece could take lots of time and patience. For a quick unload, but at a very low price, there must be a camera broker in Sweden.
    BTW, if that really is a 15mm Distagon you may have a very valuable lens. :)
  8. Oh typo. Its of course a 50.. Thanks for pointing that out. There's a few classifieds out there, and I have it listed there. Was curious about market outside Sweden though, to increase the sales. Might try to get hold of Ebay and see if i can get my limit raised and take it that way. Seems easier after all - I did thought there would be some good specialized classifieds out there though :)
  9. I sold my Nikon F6 film camera on the classified section of one of the camera Internet blogs....if my memory serves me, it was APUG.org. You could try something like that. If you don't want any hassles, want to make the transaction happen quickly, and you want to make sure you are dealing with someone honest, you can't go wrong with KEH. You might get more elsewhere, but if you lead a busy life it can save you valuable time.
  10. I was not aware of a limit at Ebay. One alternative in that case is to sell the pieces separately. Some people want outfits but others want specific pieces. The truth is that the bottom has dropped out of the MF market -- whether that's good news or bad news depends on whether you're selling or buying. But Hassy is still the gold standard of MF so you'll get more for that than for Bronica or Mamiya, just nothing remotely resembling what you paid for it.
  11. Do you the eBay limit of 500 items listed at once? I hit the one time because I helped a friend who wanted to list several
    things that she had a few hundred each of. Items with multiple lots available count as multiple items.

    What you need to do is decrease the number of items you're listing and then wait a few days for the system to catch up.

    If the problem is that eBay is limiting you to items under $500, call customer service. That shouldn't be the case once
    you've got some history.

    I think it's worth it to fix your eBay problem because it's really the best way to get retail prices (the price a store would
    charge) for gear. Selling it to a store, they know they're going to be able to get retail so they'll offer you half of retail
    because they need to leave themselves a profit margin.
  12. http://stockholm.craigslist.se/
  13. Ebay limits me to 500$ per month in sales or 10 items, which ever comes first. Theres some exceptions on some categories, but not on photostuff. Will need to try to call them, but being in Sweden, different time zone etc, it just seems like a hassle.. But yeah, seems to be the best way.
    John: Im have no idea how craigslist works. no-one eve ruses that in Sweden, and seems like an uncertain way if you can't meet people for sales?
  14. I am in California and Craigslist is used extensively to sell camera equipment in Los Angeles and San Francisco. I checked Stockholm and there is almost nothing for sale camera related. Looks like ebay is your best course of action. Sales on Craiglist are usually done face to face and in cash and you have to be careful of fraud. Here is what is for sale locally in San Francisco for Hasselblad to give you an idea of prices. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/search/pha?query=hasselblad
  15. You might try Photography schools as well. Sometimes they will have a board for people to post items for sale. You need to get a good idea of what your gear is reasonably worth. Checking ebay for completed sales and KEH used equipment for their prices is a good starting point. Many times serious photo students will want a med. format camera.
  16. John: Yeah that's my understanding of craigslist aswell. Thanks or the link, interesting.
    Barry: Good call - will look into that.
  17. Try selling through any/all of these web sites. They all have international readership:
  18. Unfortunately, the days of high-priced second-hand Hasselblad outfits is long gone. I see a lot of good, clean 500 C/M outfits on eBay in the $1,000-$1,300 range that go unsold often. Hopefully you have other things to sell as well, as this is likely not going to get you very far down the road towards financing a full-frame Leica digital M, new or used.
  19. Jerry you might want to try Tradera or Blocket.
    As for prices, check various dealers, particularly European ones, like Classiccamera.se (tends to have very reasonable prices and is a nice chap, too), L-Foto.se (though he tends to be very high in his prices), Leicashop and Aperture UK.
    And of course, selling through classifieds here or at APUG, Rangerfinderforum, Luminous Landscape or even Largeformat Forum is an option.
  20. In my experience, it is very unlikely one would find a buyer for a complete film-age camera kit. Selling by piece will almost always produce quicker result and better price. Undeniably, it requires the seller to do more work.

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