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  1. I am 65 years old and have maybe 2 or 3 more African trips in me to get the wild life photos from Africa that I desire. I visited the Masai Mara many years ago, before I knew what to do with a camera. We returned from Namibia a week ago, and although the trip was great, it did not result in the kind of "game" / "the big five" photos that I want to take. So, if money and time are unlimited (right!), where would you recommend I travel to next? - Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa? I am looking for the open mouth hippo shot, the wildebeest migration, big cats hunting, leopard, etc. etc.
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    I have never been to Africa (my sister has been to South Africa). I would suggest starting out with a couple of good references. First the Insight Guides "East African Wildlife" It is full of excellent data on types of animals and when and where to go. I would think if I wanted Wildebeest it would be hard to beat the Serengeti, however the private ranges I suspect are more likely to let you get closer. Personally I don't know if that is necessarily a good idea for you or the animals, but that's another point.
    I haven't seen this book myself, but I might suggest South African Wildlife: A Visitor's Guide. As I noted my sister went to South Africa, specifically Kruger. I know she came back with photos of Elephants, Giraffes, Wort Hogs, Lions, Zebra, Wilderbeest (can't recall what else). South Africa has some of the better developed parks. Be careful though if you are traveling in South Africa.
    Big cats hunting would be by chance and to be honest unless you get VERY lucky or spend a lot of time in one of the parks, you aren't very likely to see such action. Even if you see it photographing such action is problematic. From what I understand Leopards are very difficult toleven locate.
  3. I went to Tanzania (Ngorongoro crater, Lake Manyara, Serengeti) in 2007 and we had no trouble seeing and photographing the "big 5". I'd recommend it
  4. Thank you for these suggestions. I will look into them further.
  5. Hi,
    I've been to Tanzania (Serengeti) and Kenya (Masai Mara) and both were great. I saw the wildebeast migration, all the big 5, tons of rhinos, hippos, etc. The key is to go during the migration seasons. I've also heard good things about Botswana, Okavango delta area.
  6. I've been to South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania. IMO, Tanzania is the most incredible place on Earth I've ever been for photography! The local guide we use and arrange for others, specializes in safaris for the photographer. He's led photographers from National Geographic and the BBC. E-mail me privately if you'd like more info.
    In addition to being able to see Massai living just the same as they have been for hundreds of years, we experienced the most abundant wildlife of any place we've ever filmed. (My husband and I are both professional wildlife photographers and travel around the world in search for unique places and amazing wildlife. ) The opportunities and the quality of the shots we were able to get (because of the closeness of the animals) were unmatched by any other destination.
    We specifically wanted to film Cheetah and ended up seeing a total of 17! Some even had babies! If you'd like to see my photos, just do a search for my name: Julie Roggow
  7. In Tanzania are you referring to the crater or the Serengetti? How restricted are the drivers in the Serengetti? Will they get off the trail to position the vehicle for the best shot / lighting situation?
  8. One of the safaris I suggest to our clients is combining a couple different areas in Tanzania. As long as you are going to fly that far, you might as well see the diversity the country offers. Depending on how many days you have available, this is our most popular itinerary (it can be adjusted to suit your needs): 2 nights in Tarangire, 2 nights at Lake Manyara, 2 nights Ngorongoro, and 5 nights in the Serengeti.
    The safari guide we arrange for our clients that are photographers understands the needs of photographers. He understands where to position the vehicle for the best lighting and is an expert tracker. His skill as a guide for photographers is why he's also personally guided photographers from National Geographic and the BBC. I really feel having such a guide dramatically improves chances for the best photo opportunities.
    When you go to Tanzania, timing (and location) is important. You'll want to be at the right place at the right time to maximize the amount of wildlife you'll be able to film. You are welcome to contact me privately for more information.
    Julie Roggow
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    Looks like you got TOO close to me!
  10. Thanks Julie. I may take you up on that.
  11. I lived in tanzania for 7 years until the end of 2007. It is undoubtedly the most amazing place on earth. The parks are great, and you know that you are seeing animals in 'the wild', with no assistance from humans. I have heard from people who have been to RSA that although it is amazing, some of the parks just feel like a big zoo.However I wouldn't really know. I lived in the north (Arusha), where there are some decent hotels- The Impala and New Arusha Hotels. From there you can visit Arusha national park (40 min drive) which is a great place for bird photography, also buffalos up close. Lake Manyara is 2hrs away, which is also fabulous for birds, as well as a wide range of animals. Next to manyara is Ngorogoro np- this is where I had one of my favourite safaris. Saw 2 leopards, 4 lions, Hyena and many, many more. The serengeti plains are simply breathtaking- as Julie said I would recommend a longer stay there. In the south, there are other great parks, such as Ruaha. Realistically you would need a lifetime to explore half of the wonders of this country. However, MAKE SURE you look up your safari operator- this WILL be the difference between a good experience and a GREAT one. Depending on the type of safari you want and where you want to go will need to be taken into account. I can vouch for Tandala Expiditions- they are more expensive but more than worth it. Also if you have time, Lake Victoria and Mount Kilimanjaro are well worth looking up for unique experiences and landscape photography. There are many other amazing, less heard of reserves as well- feel free to ask me any questions.
    Have a great experience!

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