Where to get digital sports related backgrounds/templates?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by john_e|2, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. Does anyone know where to get sport related digital backgrounds that are new and not the same olf stuff that's out there. I bought templates from templatesunlimited last year but their new ones are just a variation of last years. I need something new that the kids will get excited about. Or, does anyone know of a digital artist or designer that can design backgrounds? I shoot green screen and kids are middle school and high school.
  2. Short of designing your own - Templates Unlimited is the only one I know of...
    Most of what I've seen looks pretty tacky and obvious that it is a painted screen and the companies that have decent ones are not selling the templates - because they also sell the photo services.
  3. thanks. I've been designing my own for several years and just last year turned to templates unlimited because I simply ran out of ideas. I've got a ton of background that I've used and can't recycle. the templates I've seen even by pro photography labs that aren't for sale really are pretty bad and way outdated. just a digital version of a memory mates. they work fine for phtographers that are still shooting on the floor in the middle of the gym, but I haven't seen anyone do that since green screen became popular. kids now won't by that kind of plain jane stuff. I contacted a couple digital artists that do amazing work but they wanted me to tell them exactly what I wanted in the background so they could produce it. Of course if I had the idea I could do it myself. I'm out of ideas. I've already done the gym with flaming basketballs, lightening , flaming names, HDR backgrounds. shattering backboards. etc. etc.
  4. John, with that much variety already under your belt and the ability to develop and design your own -it almost sounds as if something else is stagnant. My humble suggestion would be to consider approaching the lighting style, type, camera angle, post work and overall approach from fresh viewpoints. There are a lot of high quality senior portrait examples out there that might be able to provide fresh perspectives, as well as the world of professional sports portraiture. (IE: The PPA magazine usually has examples of the Senior work, plus they just highlighted the winners from a national contest).

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