Where to find small amber glass bottles?

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  1. I tried looking on B&H and Photography's Formula for small (15-60ml) bottles to
    divide and store a bottle of HC-110 developer. Both stores have been out of
    stock for as long as I remember. Is there a place where I can buy some online
    that fits my requirements? Thanks
  2. try here.

  3. Look for a local store selling soap/essence oil making supplies?
  4. If you're using the U.S. concentrate HC-110, the stuff that's the consistancy of honey, than I'm not sure why you need to divide it. It lasts for a very, very long time even in a partially filled bottle. AFAIK the syrup is not affected by atmospheric oxygen; only when it is diluted with water does it begin to oxidize. I leave the syrup in the original bottle and draw out what I need with a syringe. 7.5 ml of syrup diluted up to 240 ml with water makes dilution B.
  5. Try a pharmacy near you and ask if they have any empties they're looking to depart with. My local pharmacist is great and hooks me up with 1 gallon amber glass jugs that once contained cough syrup. You've gotta soak'em a while but they work great.
  6. I'd agree with Michael regarding your intent with these bottles. The less you divide it and transfer between containers, the better. You'll lose quite a lot just clinging to the walls of bottles. And 1/32 dilution one-shot dilution B at time of use is the simplest approach.
  7. or here: http://www.specialtybottle.com/
  8. I've had good success with http://shop.essentialsupplies.com/ They have all sizes and so far no out of stock situations. They sell the bottles and caps separately.
  9. I'll second Michael's response. There's no need to do this with HC-110. You've got a solution in search of a problem here.
  10. Hello everyone. Go back to the pharmacy and ask for empty, small cough syrup bottles. These are generally about 75ml and have the child proof, airtight caps with them. Locally I get charged 25 cents each. My HC-110 is almost 5 years old (still in the yellow box bottle) and is holding it's properties fine. I use the small bottles for breaking up 250-500ml batch's of other chemical formuli. Works for me... Enjoy, Bill
  11. Excellent. Thanks for the links provided - it's been bookmarked.

    I asked a pharmacaist at a supermarket and got the funny look. Guess I should find other pharmacists.

    I rarely develop film, so HC-110 seems like a good idea. Trouble is, I make a messy job drawing it out with a syringe. I don't have an idea how they will last long in its original bottle undiluted, but there is a ring of brown color looking evaporation on the top portion of the HC-110 bottle. Is this normal, or is something wrong? I store it at room temperature. From the unoffical HC-110 site which can be found at here - http://www.covingtoninnovations.com/hc110/ - I see the HC-110 divided and bottled here. The bottle isn't an opquae gray color anymore, it's now a clear bottle.

    Thanks again for the responses so far. I've sponged all it up.
  12. NikonF

    Go to a smaller Pharmacy. One near a Hospital or a mom and pop type outfit. The Large Drugstores only use plastic.

  13. Look HERE. Specialty Bottle has a good selection and prices.

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