Where to find 120/220 Strip Film Holder for Nikon 9000

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by kirt_carter, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. I have been looking for the 120/220 Strip Film Holder With Glass (FH-869G) for
    my recently acquired Nikon 9000 supercoolscan with no luck. Everyplace I have
    queried reports "out of stock." Does anyone know of a "reputable" online source
    for this holder that would have one in stock? Thanks much.
  2. 'Reputable', well you can be the judge. Even for RIP OFF BRITAIN this takes some beating.


    We are used to paying the same in Pounds as US pay in Dollars. With the rate of exchange as it is nowdays this sure is going to be expensive. However supply & demand means that they are the cheapest I can find, and they will deliver to USA at a lesser price than they will sell to a UK resident. I wonder why I bother in UK sometimes.
  3. The glass carriers are ALWAYS in short supply. Best bet is to get a vendor to order one for
    you, and notify you when they get it. It may take six months. It did for me. I think they
    make a batch of these probably once a year. I found a vendor that would order for me,
    and then telephone me when it was in, and then I could pay for it and have it sent to me.

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