Where to develope 4x5 film in Wellington or Auckland?

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  1. just bought a 4x5 camera and want to start taking photos, but can’t find any places in Wellington or Auckland that can develop the film. Does anyone know any good places to develop film, preferably in Wellington but also in Auckland too?
  2. I would suggest your kitchen or bathroom . . . You will learn far more and get far better results.
  3. The chemicals are really expensive to buy in New Zealand and don’t trust myself to develope colour film.
  4. I would suggest reconsidering using color materials when first starting with a 4x5, or any other size, view camera. Using B/W material you can develop at home and see the results of your exposures within a day. Farming the color out is not only off the wall expensive, but time delays occur.
    Developing 4x5 is similar to any b /w work. Chemicals are far cheaper & you have several methods to choose from. The only requirement is you have a daylight safe developing vessel & a black or changing bag to load the film.
    Google "taco developing" & see what you can learn. I last used a Patterson Super System 4 Film Developing Tank plus a MOD54 insert (six 4x5 films) which I loaded from a changing bag & developed in daylight. This system allows full inversion of the film/developer liquid very similar to a Nikor stainless steel combo. VG results.
    Your biggest "problem" will be keeping all kinds of crud from getting into the 4x5 film holder before reloading. Look for a Hurricane Blower & purchased a VERY GOOD 2 or 3 inch paint brush. . . best tools for brushing & blowing out that crud.
    Good luck & feel free to PM if you have questions. Aloha from the Mainland, Bill
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  5. ^^^ This is great advice. You can use compressed air on the holders when you first obtain them and then again lightly vacuum them before loading film. Once loaded with film store them in zip lock plastic bags before and after use Developing B&W is highly achievable by someone who has never done this before. Here is an "old school" tank I use. FR Fink Roselieve Adjustable Developing Tank 10 Sheets Cut Film Up To 4x5 | eBay

    I never would have thought this when I first bought my Linhof two years ago, but I enjoy shooting B&W with it so much, I don't even think about ever shooting color with it.
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    Good advice on keeping the holders clean--the best thing I found was a Dustbuster (small cordless vacuum cleaner) that fit 4x5 holders perfectly. Blowers can simply blow dust into the light trap where it can come out later when you pull and replace the dark slide. Vacuum cleaners remove the dust, period.
  7. For sure. If it's expensive to buy the color chemicals, don't imagine it's going to be cheaper if you find someone else to do it.

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