Where to buy raw chemicals in Europe?

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by test1, Jun 5, 2004.

  1. Hi all,

    I now have regular problems with buying B&W developers at local shops
    - most of the time have to order in advance and then wait 1-2 weeks,
    or they might even forget about my order if I don't remind them. I use
    mostly Ilford perceptol, but from time to time need something
    different. During school years I mixed various kind of developers from
    raw chemicals and found it very convinient to have full control over
    what I'm doing.

    So I'm considering to buy bulk of raw powders that will last for a
    year or two. I searched archives, looked at Jessops web site, but
    still haven't found a place to get it. Does any one know some
    reputable on-line stores who will ship raw photochemicals to europe
    for reasonable price?
  2. Silverprint in the UK (www.silverprint.co.uk).

    Monochrom in Germany (www.monochrom.com) has less, but may have what you need.

    VWR (www.vwr.com) is a chemical supplu house with outlets in most European countries. Just about everything you need, but you need the CORRECT chemical name to find it. No use ordering "Metol"...
  3. In Germany you could also try Foto Brenner http://www.brenner-foto.de/ or Foto Mayr http://www.fotomayr.de/ Both carry about the same range of basic chemicals - Mayr is a bit cheaper. Of course there are also industrial suppliers, but the quantities you have to order might be too big, unless you really want 2kg of sodium metabisulfite!

  4. Thanks a lot for you responses!

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