Where to Buy Kodak or FujiHunt Chemicals in SFO Bay Area

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by dave_cheng|1, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. I live in the south bay of San Francisco Bay Area. I used to buy Kodak
    C-41 and E-6 chemicals from Keeble $ Schucat in Palo Alto. But this
    supplier has been digging its own grave in the darkroom supply
    business lately by selling only the smallest packages for amateurs
    only. When asked about one size up they said Kodak sets a rule that I
    have to order
    multiple packs or they won't take the order. For example, for C-41
    developer starter I have to order 4x quantity or they won't take the
    order. That's really telling me that they are more interested in
    shuting the door than letting me to peek at their products. I don't
    think it
    is Kodak that says that. It is Keeble and Schucat not willing to sell
    it. Does anyone know where else in the Bay Area is good for such
    chemicals? I am willing to switch to Fuji Hunt stuff if Kodak is not
    available. I have not used Fuji but I doubt I would lose anything to
    try it if it is available.

    People have suggested to me to mail order from B&H. The answer is no.
    Just one size up from the smallest package B&H says they are not
    shipable. They are walk-in items. Have to walk into their store to
    buy them.
  2. Buy Tetenal's 5 liter kit from Adorama. They'll ship! You can easily develop 40 135/36 or 120 rolls with that kit. More if you don't use it as one shot. I've yet to get into slide photography/processing, but you might also be able to order the Tetenal kit from there.

    Good luck!

  3. Adorama will ship the c41 1 gal. and the next size up of EK dev. and all sizes of EK bleach (ground only). They're good poeple...had a dev. leak in shipment, replaced NQA. They also support this site!

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