Where to buy film in the UK?

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by david_singh, Nov 17, 2004.

  1. Hi all.
    I'm just starting to get into photography in a serious way and was
    wondering if some of the UK based members here could recommend
    somewhere to buy film. Typically I'd just pay a visit to Boots or
    Jessops to get some standard Kodak stuff but neither seems to stock a
    good range of specialist film.

    Specifically, I'm looking for Ilford XP2 Super and Kodak T400CN. If I
    understand what I've read, both of those films are b/w that can be
    processed in a high-street lab.

    Perhaps someone could recommend a good online store for buying film?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. David - I buy my materials from -


    prices are VAT free out of Guernsey, deliveries are prompt. You will have to check their web site for the films you mention.
  3. I used to use 7dayshop and while they are cheap it takes ages for the stuff to arrive. I often need film at short notice.

    Try http://www.mailshots.co.uk/. Same day dispatch and prices are vey similar to 7dayshop, although p&p is ?2.50.
  4. Yes, the two places above are good. 7 Day Shop seems to be winding down its film division but is still unbeatable on price. Also try MX2 for relative cheapness.

    I am on a personal crusade against the evil Jessops, who overcharge for everything and provide utterly dire service across the country.

    Kodak T400CN has been discontinued but its replacement works better on colour paper and has a similar look. Unless you take it to Jessops, in which case it will look like vomit that you puked, drank, and puked up again, then mashed into the photo paper and left in the sun for 100 years.
  5. Thanks a lot for those recommendations! That's exactly what I was looking for, and they both sell the Ilford film that I've been trying to find.

    Bob - regarding Jessops, do you think it's worth buying used stuff from them if the price is comparable to eBay? The reason I ask is that I'm thinking of buying a used Canon EOS 300v and the used Jessops prices seem very similar to the ones on eBay, and unlike eBay, Jessops offer a free 12 month guarantee. If you have any thoughts on the matter I'd be interested to read them.
  6. HAha, yes, you have found the loophole in my argument, because their used store is generally fine and reliable, and like you say, stock comes with a guarantee. Should be no probs there.

    Be aware that 7 Day Shop is so-called because you supposedly get your stuff within 7 days but it can be quicker or slower for no apparent reason. If you're not in a rush, they are the dudes to trust.
  7. david_henderson

    david_henderson www.photography001.com

    You need to buy a photo magazine and look at the ads. Mail order is absolutely the way to go. Price relativities vary between mail-order sources between products and over time. You get the best deal by buying in reasonable quantities not a roll at a time. Mailshots, Discount Film Direct, MXV, 7 Day shop, and Speedgraphic are all generally good, and you'll get into the habit of checking one or two of them out each time you order. Some are better at stocking certain minority interest film than others- whereas some just want to sell the fast -selling lines
  8. I used to frequent the Jessop's World Camera Shop in Manchester and found the
    people there extremely knowledgeable and friendly. In discussion with one of the
    guys who worked in the medium format section I mentioned that I bought all of my
    films from 7DayShop and he said that he did too since it was cheaper than Jessop's
    even with an employee discount. They make most of their money vending compact
    digital cameras but they still have guys there who have been professional
    photographers and know the business.

    I use Fuji Neopan400CN as my chromogenic B&W.

    I bought my lenses and other paraphernalia from WarehouseExpress.
  9. Another vote for www.mx2.com for film supplies.
  10. If I cannot find it in 7dayshop I buy it from MX2. That usually involves any Kodak film
    as 7day seems to be stopping the Kodak lines. 7dayshop takes about 5-10 working
    days for delivery, MX2 is a bit quicker but just a bit more expensive.

    Anyhow, I have bought tons of stuff 2nd hand from ebay, Jessops, London Camera
    Exchange and a local shop. If the price is right I would much rather buy from a shop.
    for the warranty and the ability to take it back after a week or two and get a
    refund, just in case I don't like what I bought, not that stuff I bought on ebay were ever
    problematic. Just don't sell to shops, sell direct on ebay.
  11. Another vote for Mailshots.


    you can try this. Jessops offer a price-match deal. They will match the price of Mailshots if you take in a magazine with an advert in it (e.g. Amateur Photographer). They will not match a non-mainland company such as 7dayshop. They may keep you waiting a bit while they process the deal with their headoffice, and will charge you an amount to match the postage. But it's worth all this for a large order, and you can walk away with the film on the spot...
  12. Thanks a lot to everyone for the great advice! I've put an order in with 7DayShop and pretty much all of the other stores have made it onto my bookmarks list.

    Thanks again everyone - much appreciated.
  13. I get my film from Calumet. They have stores thoughout the UK. If you buy the bulk packs it is a simular price to what you can get on the web. The bonus is you don't have to wait or bother with web orders and best of all they are very professional so you can trust the quality of the film (which is properly stored).

  14. I recently tried to obtain T400CN, which has, very sadly, been discontinued. I can't find any remaining supplies of 35mm T400CN anywhere. If I'd known Kodak were no longer making it, I'd have stocked up, but it all seems to have happened rather suddenly. Presumably those who did know about the discontinuation have been buying up dozens of rolls at a time, hence the scarcity now. I will be extremely grateful to anyone who can help. I will even order some from overseas if I can find anywhere that's got any left. I already tried eBay UK, and no luck there.

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