Where to buy film in Helsinki, Finland?

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by stefantveye, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. I've been searching around for an answer to this, but haven't found one here. I thought I would ask, does
    anyone have a favorite camera shop in Helsinki, Finland that sells a decent selection of B&W films, both
    35mm and Medium Format?

    I don't foresee needing to buy film, but you never know! Thanks in advanced.
  2. Here are 2 places worth trying:

    Fotoyks, Fredrikinkatu 51. Located at area called Kamppi, so very central and easy to find. A very good selection of films, also processing etc. available.

    Dialab, Työpajakatu. Area: Sörnäinen. Take bus 68 from Rautatientori (Railway station square) and get off at Tilastokeskus stop. Journey takes around 15-20 min. Dialab is: processing, scanning, film, prints etc.

    If you don't find your favourite films at these places I'm quite sure that they can tell you where to try next.

    Some films may also be found at Anttila and Stockmann departhment stores. They are very central. Stockmann also sells Super8 Tri-X!

  3. Nowe - many thanks! Kiitos kiitos, if you are Finnish. I'm not going to assume...

    This is very helpful. I know where Fredrikinkatu is, my favorite bar in the whole world is at
    #34 (Bar Loose). I should be able to find #51 easy. I thought about Stockman but I thought
    maybe there would be somewhere better.
  4. You can visit Fotoyks virtually: www.fotoyks.fi Then: nettikauppa (online store), filmit (films) and mustavalkofilmit (B&W films). Yhteystiedot is for contact numbers and street address. Or dialab.com

    I know Bar Loose, but never been there. My favourite (?) is Studio 51, which is a big disco and next to Fotoyks.

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