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  1. I have decided to get the D700. I normally go straight to B&H because I know they are reputable and nice to work with. They price the D700 at $3000 with a $300 rebate.
    I did an online search to compare and found DigitalsFuture.com is selling it for $1219! What is that?? It's so cheap that it must be too good to be true, right? RightBuyDigital.com is selling it for $1179! How do they do that?
    On Ebay, I found a guy auctioning one that he says is new and it's up to $2175. He says he bought 2 and didn't return this one to B&H before the it was too late. Do you think he's for real? He's sold 80 things on Ebay. Jersery Photo, a dealer on Ebay, is selling a D700 with a bunch of accessories for $2220!
    Saving $500-$1500 sounds nice but is it worth the risk? Is it too good to be true? Can someone fill me in on how some dealers can afford to sell at $1219 when well known B&H sells at $2700?
  2. It's amazing to me that people still get suckered by the too-good-to-be-true offers. The low-ball dealers that you mention are usually either scam artists or bait-and-switch operations. A quick internet search of the mentioned dealers on Google will provide you a pretty thorough list of complaints from other people such as yourself hoping to get a too-good-to-be-true deal. Stay away! The eBay low-ball merchants usually sell gray market goods with no warranty, then they try to sell you theirs. However, if you don't mind not having the Nikon US warranty, there's nothing wrong with an "import" camera (manufacturing is identical). It just gets expensive should a repair issue come up. As far as eBay, you have to do your own homework regarding individual sellers (good prior feedback, no "0" feedback sellers, responsive to questions, etc.) Again, anything that sounds a little fishy usually is.
    Best advice is to only buy from reputable dealers such as B&H or Adorama (or of course your local shop).
  3. RightBuyDigital.com is selling it for $1179! How do they do that?
    I don't know how RightBuyDigital does it, but some stores that sale below what it cost to make, just send you a part or two. Then, if you want the rest of the camera, you pay more then what it's worth. If you do decide to get the other pieces, you will have to put it together your self, because no authorized Nikon dealer will touch it.
  4. Willam, If you do decide to buy for one of the shops, let me give you some advice.
    After you place your order, if they send you a email saying that you need to call them, to confirm your order or something like that, call and cancel your order. Then when you get what ever they saw fit to send you, (even though you canceled your order), send it back with all of the documentation you can get that you returned it.
    If I was you, I wouldn't lesson to me, but get your self a very good attorney. I only got a good attorney and lost. It wasn't his fault that he lost, it was my fault for buying from someone who knew a lot more about what they were doing, then what they were selling.
  5. Make sure to check the store against ResellerRatings.com. Often times if it's too good to be true, it is.
    I have gone through too many shipping / charging headaches through no-name online retailers that I typically stick to the big ones.
  6. Saving $500-$1500 sounds nice but is it worth the risk? There is no risk, it is a sure loss. Risk implies that you might come out unscathed. You will not. You might as well buy some Lehman Brothers stock.
  7. Thanks for all of your responses. I think I knew I was going to go through B&H (who I normally deal with) but it was difficult pulling the trigger after seeing how much less the camera was selling for. I needed you fine people to remind me what I already know...if it seems too good to be true, it is!
    Thanks again!
  8. DigitalsFuture and RightBuyDigital? Hmmm, sounds like a couple more names added to the bozo filter.
    Questions like this used to come up a few times a week. Then photo.net came up with a brilliant idea. Whenever someone asked about one of these obvious scam businesses, the name would trigger their 'bozo filter' and tell them right away it was a problem. Unfortunately these scammers always come up with new names so the filter has to be updated. William, read some of the stories out there about these companies and you will RUN!
  9. Amazon.com has it for $2,397.69 (body only).
  10. Years ago, I tried to buy my first D70 fomr one of these places. ( aobut 400 less than market price)
    After you place the order, you are instructed to call them for purchase verification. At that pint they tell you that you need to buy a baer and charger ( which are standard) as these were special factory purcahse bodies only. 110.00 for the battery and 129.,00 for the charger. Yep, back to full price and a grey warranty.
    Do youself a favor, B&H and BEAH are the only 2 I deal with/
    Good luck!
  11. Amazon.com is the way to go. We bought our camera there. It floats between 2350 and 2450. Arrived quickly too, with super saver shipping.
    Amazon doesn't pay me to say this, but they should.
  12. I just purchased my D700 last week. I paid $2450 for the body only (USA model). Both B&H and Adorama are offering this price. Anything below $2K is a scam from those shifty dealers. They'll take your order but they'll call you to confirm the order and try to sell you all the accessories that come with the camera seperately or try to sell you more stuff at inflated prices. If you say no then by som miracle they will no longer have the camera in stock. Stay away from these vendors, nothing but headaches. I do all my camera purchases from beachcamera.com, adorama.com and B&H. they are safe to deal with.
  13. Thanks again for all of your help! I just got my camera from B&H for $2405!!

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