where to buy 4x8 foamboard

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  1. I'm just wondering where to find foamboard in these large dimensions. The stores in this area don't sell
    them that large, except one, and they want $100 for them. Any substitutes? I'm looking some to use as
    reflectors for my studio.

  2. 20x30, 30x40, 32x40" and 40x60 inches are standard sizes. Coreplast for outdoor signs is more common in giant sizes above 40x60". It is not as white abit, a plastic.
  3. You can buy foamcore in 4x8' sheets. Unfortunately if your local sources don't have any,
    you'll have to buy a whole case (25 sheets) and have it shipped to you. Here's one source.

    If you can find them, the ones that are black on one side and white on the other are even
    better for studio use. Tape them together for nice fills/flags.
  4. I got a sheet of white 1" 4'x8' styrofoam insulation at my local home center. It's a little lightweight, but it works, and it's cheap.
  5. Most art and frame shops have it.
  6. I get mine at a sign shop. Sometimes they have smaller pieces they will give away for free.
  7. End users such as our print shop buy foam core in cases; and have it delivered by truck. By buying from one supplier one has some leverage with rejecting a crushed box with crushed corners. A unknown internet slightly cheaper supplier will tend to have you dicker with the truckers with damaged goods. The material needs to be kept flat so as not to warp. There is always so warping, some scrap with the process of mounting folks fine art rare sunsets and soccer images. This scrap is often given to schools or cut down for smaller mounts.. Buying single sheets from a local sign or print shot is the sane way to buy foam core.
  8. There is always some warping,
  9. With the larger 40x50, 48x96, and sometimes the 32x40 sizes, beware of the trucking costs if you buy non locally. This cost is not trivial, sometimes several bucks per sheet. Selling a single perfect sheet to a picky over the counter customer is a pain in the bum. One might have to rifle thru several giant sheets, ie waste time. For a reflector, minor corner crushes dont matter, ASK the local store for 2nds, blems, here we sell it cheaper.
  10. Look for GatorBoard. Tougher than foam-core but costs about $50.00 a 4' x 8' x 3/16" sheet.
  11. I recently did an evening shoot where I couldn't get 4x8 bounce flats in time (nor could I even fit those in my car even if I could get them). So I hit up the local office supplies store and found white display boards (which are commonly used for office presentations, science fairs, etc) for just $9 for a set of two. The folded sides make them self-standing, and can also be used as barn-doors. So I just stacked two of them together with white gaffers tape to make a nice tall flat. It worked great. And after the shoot, the display boards very neatly folded and fit in the trunk of my sedan.
  12. Hi Tim,

    here's a cheap alternative, if you have a little elbow grease:

    get a board, any board, of the dimensions you want. The kind of material is irrelevant. The
    weight is not, of course.
    Crumple aluminium household foil, good, then - carefully! - stretch it out.
    Spray-glue the board.
    Apply the crumpled then stretched alu foil onto the gluey board, by the matte side! The
    (crumpled) shiny side is the side you want to use to reflect.
    Flatten the alu foil well. Iron it, without heat!
    Ready to go.

    Have fun.
  13. Hi! i know one of the foam board store where you can get multiple range of foamboards .Hope your need will be fulfilled there ,you can try http://www.foamboardsource.com/foam-board--foam-board-with-memory.html .
  14. Hey! you can refer Foamboardsource online foamboard store. They offers huge variety and sizes of foamboards at affordable prices. You will definitely get a good deal there. You can learn from this blog
  15. You may have look at Foamboardsource, quality foamboards suppliers and usually deals in huge dimensional products of various types. Go for foamcore sheets available in 4*8 dimensions available in durable and rigid quality.
  16. Such larger dimensions you can also get it survey at http://www.foamboardsource.com/foam-board--acid-free-foam-board--acid-free-foam-board.html. Really a acid free nature board with accurate rigid and heavy duty to perform.
  17. Get them online from any foamboard suppliers with accurate thickness and length required. There are huge options for 4*8 boards.
    Visit Foamboardsource, Amazon, Foam Supplier, Creative side etc.

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