Where is the best place to get digital photos printed?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by tylerfj24, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. I have a canon 50d and live in an isolated area in eastern kentucky. I do not have dozens of labs to choose from. I have a wal mart and the internet, If everyone says wal mart is the best then I guess my search is over, but if anyone can tell me the best place on the www then I will greatly appreciate it.
  2. I have used, and would recommend Mpix at www.mpix.com.
    They are the consumer/retail sister company of Miller's Lab, a professional online lab that I use almost exclusively. Good prices, large selection of product, good turn around time and, most importantly, excellent results.
  3. The only notable change has been that Adorama now offers Kodak Endura glossy paper, instead of or in addition to Kodak Royal glossy paper. This is a very worthwhile addition.
  4. I have a canon 50d and live in an isolated area in eastern kentucky​
    Then get yourself a Epson PictureMate for your 4x6 need, and a Epson 1400 for your bigger print need..of course if you can get a 2880 ora 3880 instead of the 1400 go and get it ; )
    That way, even if you are cut from the rest of the world you will still have amazing print anytome, anywhere, never close, and dont need to wait for UPS to deliver the print in 6 days.
  5. >>> Then get yourself a Epson PictureMate for your 4x6 need...
    A great idea. I have one and am blown away by the quality it produces from such a low-cost low-hassle consumer-ish device. For a lab, consider White House Custom Color.
  6. i just bought another one on Ebay..so i can leave mine at my house, and bring this new one on site with me when i assist photographer..they like to have the polaroid feeling on a table, it help knowing where you are in your day, and help the client visualize the image or start playing with them on the table to start there page layout.
    A set of ink + 100 4x6 paper is, in Montreal, 30$CAN...30 cents for a quality 4x6 print on demand, when you want and need it...priceless ; )
  7. How many prints can you get from one of these printers?
    I have an epson artisan 800 and for 4x6 prints It does very well, but if I have alot of pics to print I will be buying 8 cartridges of ink weekly, and that gets costly.
    Im looking into those right now, thank you all.
  8. The Epson Picturmate have is own little package ink / paper for 30$, its a 100 print package. Normally the ink should last for 100 print..i always end up making another extra 30 print with the same cartridge..so i have to buy a extra 250 4x6 pack..
    I cant complain, for once you can get more print than advertize : )
  9. Oh, and as for the ease of use; open your image in Ps, select let printer manage color, and print..no profile, no hassle, no problem. If my mother can print on this baby (i bought her one last chrismas) ANYONE can print and get amazing result LOL.
    You can even put your CF card directly in it and get amazing print...its a Mpix photo lab at home.
  10. I use mine so much, I buy the 270 print packs of paper and ink. About 23 cents (US) a print.
  11. And as another benefit, the PictureMate prints are very durable, don't smudge if exposed to water, and are very archival.
  12. yeah..lucky you. In Montreal i ony find the 100 pack.
  13. I was just lookin on ebay for one and there are like 4 or 5 different picture mates? Snap, dash, zoom, ect. Which one should I get, I mean the one on epsons site looks like a cooler but the pics of the ones on ebay look a little more stylish. Which one do you all prefer. I know one burns cds but what about the other, or are they all the same?
  14. I have 3 of those...
    Epson PictureMate Deluxe Edition, older model..but dam they are good. I think i would go for the model just before the CD bruner..i think the Snap?


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