Where is Canon's Build Code Date Stamp on 5D ?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by 14mm 2.8l, May 15, 2008.

  1. I am looking at a 5D today and I cannot locate the build code date stamp. Where
    should I look for it? I'm curious if its freshly minted or a couple dozen months old.
    How can I determine the firmware version loaded in it?

    Thanks Alot!

  2. Date stamp? My 30D doesn't have one. Firmware version can be accessed by the menu button.
  3. AFAIK, only the lenses are date coded by Canon.
  4. http://www.edwardagnew.com/photogear/canondate.html
  5. zml


    Ross: All you have to do is open the film chamber of a 5D...
  6. This one must be pretty fresh off the production lines as it has firmware version 1.1.1 which was a new topic in mid march 2008.


    and the link to 1.1.1


    I like that in raw mode the ExtremeIII 8GB card is showing 498 potential images. Thats likey gonna cut down on having to change out cf cards.

    I've been all over the body and since theres no film chamber I guess canon had no special spot to ink stamp a date code on it.



  7. The firmware can be updated by user. So dont be fooled by the version of firmware. The camera could still be three years older for all you know.
  8. I guess only canon could tell you the production date, by hooking up the cam to their diagnostic tools ...
  9. Its a place to start, take the attitude to DPR
  10. L-series lenses still have a date code but it has disappeared from most other items - not sure about 1D-series bodies.

    Lindy, look at the first digit of the body number. Probably 0,1,2,3 - mine, bought new just under a year ago (didn't think I'd be hanging on to it that long ...) has a 2. It is plausible that each increment reflects some internal changes, and I believe there was a visible change between 1 and 2 with the introduction of an improved LCD (or perhaps that was between 0 and 1?). If it had old firmware it would almost certainly be old, but, as pointed out by other posters, updating the firmware is a routine operation.
  11. Hi Robin, I ended up buying a split kit 5D a week before I found out about the upcoming Canon Cash Off Rebate's May 18th launch. I saved $150 in that I didn't get the 24-105mmL. But I have a strong feeling the $2,050 I got 5D for will soon be a better buy at $1900 at B&H. Oh well , I waited and waited and waited and waited...until it made no sense to wait any longer. No Regrets, really none at all. I was concerned these 5D in L Lens Kits might be older stock but the manual is dated Dec 2007 and the firmware came loaded as 1.1.1 so i'm satisfied is quite new, like 2008 New.

    My serial number starts with 3221301xxx, so you might be right concerning year made since yours is a 2 and mine is a 3. I've read the 5th number is significant too. Something about special updates for certain lenses needed for 5D with a #"1" in 5th position.

    It sure is sweet to finially have a full frame dslr I've wanted since August 2005 Shutterbug Article. So far my two eos L lenses, my tamron for eos lens , my nikon Ais ED lens ,my Olympus lenses ,and my Tamron Adaptall Two lenses all work perfect with it. Just like the worked perfect on my Eos-3 Film body. AV Mode to use various adapted lenses is why Eos Mount is #1 in my mind.

    5D Mark II ?...?...?

    Who Cares?

    Not Me ;^)

  12. Sounds as if you'll be in great shape, then, Lindy. I've seen lots of your posts on the FD forum, which I read for old times' sake (I even go back to FL days, my first Canon was a Pellix) and I'm sure you'll enjoy the 5D. I strongly recomend getting DPP 3.4. Although the 5D does not record distance information (you can set the slider manually), the automatic aberration correction capabilities work in all other respects, and, as far as I can tell, the infinity setting is good enough in most cases. Even many L-series lenses move up a step in combination with DPP, and it's my belief that Canon are now concentrating on dealing with aberrations in their designs that cannot be corrected in post-processing.

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