Where do you develop/ print your medium format films from? (Atlanta, GA)

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by jiye_lee, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. Hi, I am a student living in a college campus, hence have limited choices to choose for where to develop/print my
    pictures from. Sadly, doing it by myself is not an option for me. I was wondering where do you get your films
    developed/ printed from. I would really appreciate all your answers, especially if you're in Atlanta area.

    I've been giving order to Wolf Camera at Lenox Mall, and they sent the film out to be developed and printed. But the
    workers there are so snobby, do not ever give me a notification or estimate of when the pictures are gonna come
    back, and they do not admit that they have not. And if I ever ask, they are like, "Oh well, it's the holiday season..it's
    taking a while..." (Well, people take pictures during the holiday season rather than before, right?)

    Anyways, it has been two weeks I gave my film to them, and they already scratched two roles of my negs. And on
    the top of it, they are very rude and I've been waisting so much time going there to pick up my photo and come back
    with nothing.

    So is there any place you recommend, or anyway I could send my films to the develop/printing place without getting
    through the Wolf Camera people?

  2. If you are shooting color, you are limited to someplace with the equipment to handle 120 or 220 film. I have a local camera store that sells and services a college photography program. I've never had to face up to printing, since I digitize directly from the negatives using a Canon 9950F -- I am told this, or the slightly cheaper model down, is what most of the "film" students use these days. At the least, find out where Wolf sends it and do it yourself.

    If you shoot B&W, it's actually harder. There's little alternative to buying your own tanks, a changing bag, and doing your own film development. No one wants to mess with it commercially any more, at least here in my area.
  3. Go to a real lab.
    I just did a Google for "Pro Film Processing Atlanta" and got this:
  4. The simplest solution is to purchase color and B&W mailers from A&I photo in Hollywood, CA. I have used A&I for many
    years and would rank their service on the high end of the scale. You can buy the mailers directly through the A&I web site
    or through B&H photovideo in New York. For $15-16 per 120 roll A&I will develop negs and print 5x5 prints.
  5. Doing it yourself is really worth the trouble, it there's any way at all for you to do it. Tanks and changing bags are not expensive and don't take up a lot of space, and you can pick up a used Epson flatbed that can scan your negatives pretty cheaply. Is there a darkroom at school that you might be able to talk yourself into for an occasional printing session?
  6. Dwaynes photo. just because I may happen to have a roll of kodachrome. They also have not yet botched any of my film. $6 E6, $3 C41. prints are more but I print myself so IDK. Haven't used their C41 but it can't be bad.
  7. Believe it or not, Walmart. Two dollars a roll for 120 film. It takes two weeks to get your pics back, but for two bucks...

    From the Atlanta area they will send it to Fuji in Tifton, GA. I hate to say it, but Tifton is the worst of the Fuji labs I've come across. Still, they have only botched one roll of my film out of many. I wouldn't send them anything critical like wedding photos, but if you're out taking happy snaps then you can't beat two dollars.
  8. Try that Wolf camera store again, or try a Ritz camera store. If they are using a Fuji Frontier machine they should have the 120 film
    adapter with it (they just may not have ever used it). As long as it is C-41 type film, they should be able to process and print it for you. I
    took my local shop 2 rolls of 120 roll film that I just made snapshots on to let them test the process and make sure they knew how to do it.
    Now, they are fine when I come in.
  9. A&I in Hollywood takes forever. I was so annoyed that it took 3 weeks from the time I mailed the roll until I got
    it back that I decided to splurge and send the next roll via Priority Mail. It took over a month for that one roll
    of medium format film to come back to me processed and printed on 5x5s. I am going to try the mailers from
    Freestyle.com next.

    If I can get there, there's one (and only one) lab in Pittsburgh called Pittsburgh Custom Darkroom that can
    process a roll of medium format in one day. It's just hard for me to get there during work hours as they are only
    open from 9 to 5 M-F.

    Jim in Pittsburgh, PA
  10. If you value your work, establish a working relationship with, as what John Painter suggests, "a real Lab".

    Scroll back up to John's post and click on the link. You may Consider yourself very lucky that you actually live
    in the same city as that "real lab". I have just looked at the site myself. (For starters, anyone who is still
    running 70mm processing has got to be in the business because they know what they are doing.) Go in, and hand the
    film over the counter, and pick up in person. Then you're in business, not leaving to it poxy, proxy,
    fingers-crossed systems.
  11. Good Morning Jiye,
    I feel your pain. Your best bets are the following: Showcase Camera at Lavista and Chesire Bridge Rd, E6 of Atlanta which is downtown, or Wings Camera (404) 636-4406 at Briarcliff & Claimont RD. DO NOT waste any time at Lennox Wolf Camera -talk about a bunch jackasses. I have been there before once, my nephew worked there a month and quit - bad store poor employees. Not all Wolf Cameras are the same. I have a store near me that is very pleasant. They will process only 120 C-41 in the store for $6. They are in Tucker 770-934-5451. If you want proof prints you are out of luck still. If you can get access to a flatbed scanner you could scan an make prints from there. It would help if you could tell us if you are shooting B&W or C-41. If you are shooting B&W bit the bullet and get a tank,reel and chemicals. Many college art departments have darkrooms that is always possibilty. If you are in Emory University area you can try The Camera Doctor. He is at N. Decatur and Clairmont Rd. I know at one time he processed 120 and had carriages to print it. Start with Showcase. It is a store geared for professionals. Hope this helps.
  12. For color, I use www.acilab.com, but Mpix.com is another great pro lab choice.

    For b&w--I LOVE www.bestlab.com or Dalmation B&W lab.

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