Where could I have my slides and BW film safely processed in Mexico City

Discussion in 'Travel' started by slecoanet, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. Hi,

    I am currently traveling in mexico and would like to have my slides
    and films processed in Mexico city.
    Do you know a lab I could trust for that kind of work.

    I once asked the same question for NY and was very pleased with the
    answers (I went to Dugall, it s just great) but it may not be that
    simple in Mexico city.

    Thank you in advance for any tip about this subject

  2. As a long-time resident of Mexico, I would not trust any lab there to process my slides. They
    may come out fine but they may be run in the wrong chemicals, badly scratched, lost or
    otherwise butchered. In Monterrey, far more technologically savvy than the capital, I had
    prints returned to me stained with food. I had slide film processed in the wrong chemicals in
    the capital. For lack of other options, I always worked with local labs. I was never even close
    to being satisfied, and seriously angry more than once. Process when you get home and save
    yourself a lot of heartache.
  3. UPS, FEDex, DHL are your friends.
  4. If you need absolutely the best and you are ready to pay the price go to Laboratorio Mexicano de Imagenes, 2001Carlos B. Zetina 34, Col.Hipodromo Condesa. Mexico City,Phone: 5515 5540 http://www.lmi.com.mx/
    Thi is profesional lab as good as you can found anywhere in the world.

    If you want the best bang for the buck go to
    Camera #1
    There is one in Colonia Condesa and another near Coyoacan
  5. I found the address for the Camera # 1 labs

    Coyoacan. Miguel Angel de Quevedo 475. Phone 55542407

    Condes Vicente Suarez 38A. Phone 52115879
  6. Just make sure they use bottled water......:)

    Just kidding folks - couldn't resist.
  7. Hi Stephane!

    For B&W processing, I sugest you LMI, Laboratorio Mexicano de la Imagen, It is a pro lab, very good service. They also will do a very fine job in color slides.

    I will never ask Camera # for a B&W procesing. They charge almost the same than LMI, but some friends find LMI to be more comprensive and profesional for B&W procesing.

    If you want a cheap option email me I know a school that can let you do your own procesing for a small fee. (Mo, Wed and Fri) are the best days (few students at the lab)


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