Where can I send my Minox.

Discussion in 'Minox' started by ginon_lee, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. This is my second Minox 35 and they both have same problem of
    underexposure. And a brand new Minox costs too much!
    I think I'm gonna send this GT to Germany.

    Where can I send it to?
  2. Which model is it? Is it consistent underexposure or only in certain situations?

    Consistency: Check with a neutral scene - a grey card if possible - and compare the Minox's exposure (f-stop and approximate shutter speed) with a known good meter or other camera. If it under exposes in this test, then you can (if you have manual ISO setting) set the ISO to a slower speed film. Experiment a bit to get the same reading as your meter/other camera. I do this with my GT if I shoot into a bright scene for example, where the compensation button is insufficient.

    If you mean that the camera under exposes in certain conditions only, like a strong directional light then you just need to understand a bit more on how the meter reacts. You can then use the exposure compensation switch in those circumstances, or ensure you have a lens hood on, or if you're shooting in portrait mode orientate the camera so that the lens door is facing the light source.

    Let us know how you get on

  3. try this:


    Poul B-H
  4. OK, then try this:


    Poul B-H
  5. Thanks Paul and Poul. i've just sent Minox a question about where to sent. But the thing is that Minox never answer back.

    Paul. Yes, it is a constant underexposure. For example, if I use 400asa film I have to set the camera to 100asa to get reasonable pictures(not perfect). A camera guy here in NZ said that the cameras behaving in a strange way. when the camera's set to 100asa it's normal(correct amount of light falling onto film) but all the other speeds are abnormal.

    I'm thinking about sending it to service centre in the US because I have a feeling that it's gonna cost a fortune in Germany getting it fixed. But I don't know where to send it.
  6. I had my Minox 35ML serviced by Kindermann Canada. Very good job.They still service Minox cameras, you may contact them and ask for
    a quote.

  7. http://www.submin.com/general/links/repairs.htm
    lists some repair sources.
    I suggest you contact Andrew Britton, a lot cheaper than Minox and has serviced/repaired over 40 Minox 35mm cameras for me.
    Minox is only expensive because they must offer a long warranty (by German law) and so may replace parts that are likely, but not yet failing.
  8. Thank you. The repair guy here in New Zealand might be able to get parts from DAG repair shop in the US. I'll see how it goes and let you know.


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