Where Can I Get Star D Tripod Parts?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by carolee_brakewood, Sep 19, 2001.

  1. Someone just gave me their (used) Star D Tripod. It is missing a small white plastic ring that goes inside the tubing of one of the legs, on the 2nd joint, to enable it to lock into place at a particular height. (Without it, this particular leg goes up and down but does not lock into place.) I would like to replace this part rather than throw out the whole tripod. Can anyone point me towards Star D parts or something interchangeable? Thanks!
  2. Give it back. QUICK. This is not a friend.
  3. Carolee, I had a Star D Tiltall Copy that I bought around '77, and it
    served me well. Not the quality of a Tiltall, but it worked fine. I
    passed it down to my son several years ago when he went off to college
    (along with most of my Olympus OM equipment), and he is still using
    it. Star D is no longer in business, and if you must find a part,
    your best bet is to find a used / damaged tripod and cannibalize it.
    My recommendation would be to buy a new tripod. If you want to read a
    thread about Tiltall / Star D, go here:



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