Where can I get a lensboard and lens for a 8x10 Burke and James View Camera?

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  1. Hi all

    I have a Burke and James View Camera and really would love to use this camera. My aim is to take 8x10 Polaroids with it so need a few more pieces but hopefully on the way there. I really need to get a lensboard and lens for the camera, is it possible to source any of these kind of cheaply? I am having trouble sourcing these and not sure what I am looking for. I'm new in the game and excited to learn how to use this camera!

    Any help much appreciated.
  2. Some notes on restoring an 8x10 Burke and James View Camera describes how to make a lensboard

    As for lenses, without knowing more about what you want to do the best suggestion is to start with a normal lens. 300mm +/-, 12 inches +/-. You'll need a lens in shutter, and one that isn't a telephoto. If you don't know the difference between a long focus lens (that's what you want) and a telephoto, look it up.

    You characterized yourself as an enthusiastic beginner. Take a cold shower, go slowly and educate yourself before spending more money. Go to A large format photography home page and read the FAQs. The first post in this [URL]https://www.largeformatphoto...to-look-for-information-on-LF-(mainly)-lenses[/URL]

    discussion has a link to a large list of links to information that LF photographers find useful. One of the sections is a discussion of books on LF photography. Get one of the ones mentioned and study it.
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  3. Wow, I didn't know you could even get 8x10 Polaroid. Expensive and absolutely not how I'd start out. You want to be reasonably experienced with LF. That might include a journey through black and white processing with a smaller camera, followed by same with large format. Paper negatives can be a quick and less expensive way to learn. Plan on going through a fair amount of materials to get to a point of few mistakes. At that point, the Polaroid might be fun rather than frustrating.
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  4. 810 Polaroid was introduced in 1976 at a presentation at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC.
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  5. Well, yeah, but that was 44 years ago. I could buy a lot of stuff back then that's gone today. Figured demand for 8x10 would have dried up long ago.
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  6. Hey all and thanks for all the advice.

    Dan_Fromm, I totally agree. During this lockdown in NYC I've gone camera mad, I was given an old 4x5 and I'm just loving it so playing with that right now but my dream is to use an 8x10 for polaroid shots but I won't rush into it and I appreciate the advice so much. I'll certainly do my research. I have an 8x10 camera minus the lensboard and lens which is why I wanted to know fi one could purchase anything on the cheaper side, its a confusing new world and want to make sure i get a lens and lensboard that actually works on the 8x10.

    Yep conrad_hoffam, the new polaroid company make them by hand in europe, its so cool they are making them, I have to try it although it'll be an expensive purchase to buy the film so I'll wait until I feel comfortable taking an OK shot with it
  7. I shot thousands of shots on 4x5 polaroid, mostly type 52. Wonderful film with incredible tonal range.
    Lick Creek/Citico Transitional Gorget, Late Prehistoric, probably Cherokee ancestors

    If I thought film would be available for a long time, I'd get me a Graphic again. Lots of luck
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  8. Try Glennview.com (index.htm) This website store is full of old stuff for view cameras, press cameras and everything large format including 8x10 and larger that you probably won't find elsewhere.

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