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  1. It appears to me recently through off-line correspondence that we
    have quite a few of our PN memebers not living in the US. While this
    is no surprise to me, what is curious is some of the members are from
    very far and remote corners of the world. This also explains why the
    forum seems to go on 24/7.

    It also darned on me that some of us are professional photogs, some
    semi-pro and others, of course hobbyist. I am very interested in
    about who are the professionals, because your experience and comments
    are very important.

    So can I ask the questions : What is your place of domicile for the
    last 3-6 months? Please don't tell me/us about your nationality, this
    is FBI, CIA and INS's dept., it's none of my business. Secondly,
    please qualify that by a simple : Pro, semi-pro and fun/amateur/what
    have you.

    For those of us in the US, it would be nice if you can tell us your
    state, so that we have some reference of time of where you are
    posting. Reason for that is sometimes I sent a reply to another
    member, and I didn't get an answer right-a-way, I got disappointed.
    However, if I knew this person should be sound asleep at those wee
    hours, I shouldn't expect any reply.

    Fair enough?

    Since I asked the questions, I'll go first :

    Sandy Shore, California, hopeless amateur.

    Waiting for yours.....

    PS : My definition of a professional photog = You got paid for your
    work, even if it's one dollar. An amateur = Like me, where I have to
    buy a six pack to bribe my friends to look at my pix. Your
    definitions are yours.
  2. Fair enough.

    Bob Soltis, San Diego, California.

    Field Editor for Country Discoveries mag, but earn my living doing
    Administrative and DMV Hearings; Military, Security Clearance, and
    Social Security Disability law.

  3. OK.

    Paul Hart: Cheshire, England; enthusiastic amateur.
  4. Alan Soon, Tokyo, Japan. Amateur. Day job - TV news producer.
  5. Brooklyn, Connecticut USA. Hopeful amateur.
  6. Washington, DC, USA. Amateur.
  7. Belgium, paid for my work as full-time photographer
  8. Al Smith, East Central Florida, retired and shooting for fun (amateur) these days.
  9. london, (UK) amateur, official photographer of my loved ones
  10. Tim Tan, on assignment in HoChiMinh City, Vietnam - Amatuer
  11. Johann Schweigl, Austria, amateur, starting to suffer from gearhed syndrome.
  12. Wow, no kiddin', we are really spread out. One big family !!!!!
  13. Basel, Switzerland, full time prof.
  14. awahlster

    awahlster Moderator

    Silverton, OR. (born here) 45 year old Local Truck Driver paid for my photo work when I can get it and a collector by nature. Once spent 14 years as an internationally known Custom Knifemaker lots of published photos of knives. Now I get the bills paid on time. Only Leica intrest at this time 1950-1960 LTM
  15. Sal Ortega, Salem Oregon. Day/night/wkend job- Family Doctor. Photo
    hobbyist. Any other PN NW members?
  16. Mikal W. Grass, Hallandale, FL. amateur / geek with a camera.
  17. David Killick, Christchurch, New Zealand. Journalist. Keen
    amateur, but have had a few pix published from time to time. Any
    other forum members in this part of the world?
  18. John Boyle, Portland, Ontario, Canada. Long time amateur.
  19. Mark A. Johnson, amateur, Kenai, Alaska.
  20. Rob Sollett, Staten Island, (the forgoten borough in) New York City.
    Full time newspaper photogrpaher whose heart is into my fine arts b/w photography.

  21. Aaron Sandler, North Carolina. I used to get paid to take photos, but now I'm a graduate student and back to being an amateur photog.
  22. Bas Wip, professional by your standard, amateur to mine. Dutch citizen but currently expatriate in Belgium. Shooting loved ones, wedding and kids with Hasselblad and Leica.
  23. Doug Ford, San Diego CA. dilettante/dabbler.
  24. Chip Lenkiewicz, Washington DC (actually Herndon, Va - but close enough) - Advertising/Marketing Manager for a camera shop in the DC area.
  25. Chip, how would you like us to consider yourself as, a pro? Semi-pro?
  26. Jack Thistle, Haverford, Pennsylvania, BFA in Commercial Photography, was a pro shooter for about 15 yrs, now an IT Consultant for a .com (we're actually profitable!)
  27. Boulder, Colorado...amateur who's slavish to the Leica cult. >:)
  28. Shreveport, Louisiana, USA. Former newspaper hack, currently an amateur.
  29. Ralph Barker - San Jose, CA, semi-pro
  30. Was a pro till 1953, then spent 50 years as an engineer. Just
    retired. I am an amateur and collector.

    Jerry Lehrer --La Jolla CA
  31. St.Louis, MO
    Brand new amateur with a Leica- previously used Olympus SLR and recently a digital (not the same!). Have just begun to understand what shooting with a Leica really means- the solid feel, the control, the mystique and most importantly the lens. Am awaiting development of my first roll of film with an M7 35ASPH.
    Thanks to all in the forum for their advice, wisdom and encouragment. I hope to learn from you all for many years and someday be able to offer my own tips based on experience.

    Geoffrey Hamill
  32. Newbie photog
  33. Gerry, Andover, Massachusetts (just NNW of Boston 20 miles) Opto-Mechanical Engineer (I package telescopes / high end microscopes) hopeless amateur who could never make a living selling photos. Shoot M4-P and Hexar RF with Leica glass.

  34. Joseph Walsh...Amarillo, Texas...Associate Professor of Photography. Former M4 user
    Current M7 owner...although Mamiya made mine.
  35. Al Kaplan, North Miami, Florida. Pro ~ at least I've supported myself this way for 40+ years, 36 in the same house. (too much trouble to build another darkroom someplace else) Got my first Leica in '62.
  36. Jim Britt - calling from Ketchum, ID (Hemingway country) half the
    time, Los Angeles. CA the rest of the time - professional since
  37. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Non-paid photographer...
  38. Christoph Frick, Frankfurt am Main / Germany, absolute amateur, physicist by training, spent the last 8 years in IT consultancy (risk management for investment banks), right now looking for the next challenge.
  39. Since you asked: A sometimes serious amateur for the past 50 or so years. Been torturing Nikons until recently, when I decided to try some Leicas for their glass. I guess I could get paid, but it is more fun to be free. I am retired and live in Welfare, Texas, and hope my place of residence is not an indication of my financial standing.

    Ciao, Tony
  40. Doug Herr / Sacramento California / amateur, but I sell prints too.
  41. The Netherlands, amateur.
  42. matt marek, toronto ontario canada. get the occasional photog gig. work as a camera operator for films and music vid's. new to leica, old to nikon and rollei
  43. gib


    professional writer, central Ontario, Canada, very semi-pro
  44. Sheldon Hambrick, Fremont CA (35 miles south of San Francisco CA). Trained as an engineer, MBA. Work in information technology. Amateur photog since 8th grade. First Leica was a M2 back in 1994. Recently got back into the M-system this year. Hopefully will have time and money one day to get serious about large format.
  45. John Abela, Astoria New York, amateur
    Wish had more time to shoot, need to use more and spend less. My life time photographic achievement was getting my name mentioned as a photographer and volunteer in the book: Here is New York: a democracy of photographs. A book which documents the photographs taken by amateurs and professionals alike pertaining to 9/11. http://hereisnewyork.org/sponsors/photographers.asp
  46. Steve McKinney/Toronto, Ontario/Amateur Photographer.


  47. Houston, Texas, engineer.
  48. a m

    a m

    Andy Morang, Vicksburg, Mississippi USA. Leica user since 7th grade (my father's IIIC). Amateur. Regular job: geologist.
  49. Olivier Reichenbach, from Montreal (Province of Quebec), passionate clumsy amateur, dreamt
    of Leicas for forty years before getting my first two years ago. Several freelance trades, all in
    entertainment and show-biz: director for the stage (drama, opera, musical), drama teacher,
    set-designing teacher, drama translator, translator and director for french dubbing of
    english-speaking films, dubbing teacher for actors... the list goes on. Father of two, two days old
  50. Kim Critchfield - Twin Falls, Idaho - Professional since 1976 - Portraits & Weddings
  51. Melbourne, Australia, 24 years of age, trained in Business Marketing, part time Pro photographer, and aspiring (full time) Documentary Photographer.
  52. Charles Barcellona

    Southeast Florida, shooting "semi-pro" since the mid 70's. I shoot weddings, social events, the occasional portrait for money. My love is nature photography, and so far no $$$ coming in from that.

    My full time vocation is field service technician for a local industrial products supplier. I get to play with lots of interesting techologies and a few grunt ones too (ie, from radio telemetry to "shovel")
  53. Steve Brantley - Chapel Hill, North Carolina USA
    Amateur photographer, only because I give away my photos rather than sell them.
  54. Dave Jenkins, northwest corner of Georgia. Full-time working photographer & writer for 30-plus years.
  55. A devout amateur. Currently, I'm in Mumbai, India where it's 9:20 am Sunday March 23. I'm returning home to Los Angeles this evening. Oh, and did I say amateur?

    Regards from the land of kahki and Kipling.
  56. Grand Island, New York, professional emergency physician and
    surgeon. Amateur photographer although I use photographs
    extensively in my profession to document injuries, assaults,
    wounds etc.
  57. Feli di Giorgio
    Los Angeles, California.

    Day job: Digital Special Effects Supervisor for Motion Pictures

    Semi Pro?/Hack ( I sold a few prints, did a few small jobs etc.)


  58. Alex Richburg, Air Force Officer (Navigator), Omaha, Nebraska. Shoot for fun, teach darkroom classes on weekends, and spend too much time reading online photo forums. :)
  59. Mark Shaw, Moraga, CA (east of SF) Brooks Inst. grad 1998.
    Freelance pro/Camera Sales(for the discount to support camera
  60. Ottawa, Canada. Economist. Amateur and student in photography, I use the medium as a diary.
  61. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    Mars. Professional Alien.
  62. Was wondering when you are going to chime in for our little directory...Thanks for participating, now we know where you are from, and I wish you the best of luck meeting someone nice from Venus. Have a nice Sunday :).
  63. Sweden/Norway (exactly 50/50), semi-pro (doesn't pay enough of the food bill)
  64. Amateur. Day job is Loss Prevention Engineer with an insurance company, with home in Singapore posted to all over Asia, and Home Home in Toronto Canada, where I spend a few months a year on leave and working by wire. Mainly 35 mm stuff now but practising 8x10 B&W for retirement which will be in 18 months, if I survive the travel.

    York Univ in Toronto offers tuition-free arts courses for those over 60, so I plan to take Fine Arts course then. I have been shooting pix off and on since 1964.
  65. Creative Director of an Advertising Agency, and own a photo
    studio in Franklin, Michigan (a small town outside of Motown).

    Contact with prominate photographers and cinematographers
    in my ad career keeps me a humble amateur no matter how
    much $ I make shooting photographs. Leica user for 25+years.
  66. Jakarta - Indonesia, Amateur, Day Job = Fund Manager.
  67. Gent, Belgium. Very much an amateur (back to photography after a gap of some 5 years).
  68. travis, Singapore, full time professional amatuer.
  69. I'm located in Manhasset NY (moving to Wash DC area soon). I'm a doctor & do cancer related research. That's fortunate because my photographic skills are not such that I would want to try to make a living doing photography. But I do like Leica. :)
  70. Good morning travis, very late good night for you Eliot.
  71. Germany, amateur and dilletante (from lat. amare/delectare) and getting paid for teaching sociology and political science.
  72. Not sure, but i'm working on it.
  73. Bruxelles, Belgium for the moment. Semi - amateur...
  74. Yeah! Here is the first poster from Italy (Ferrara, north-east), though hopefully soon moving to some scandinavian country. As for photography.. definitely amateur, Hasselblad fan. ciao
  75. the Netherlands, amateur.
  76. Sydney, Australia. amateur.
  77. William M. Sovie, Toronto, Canada: amateur, newly bitten by Leica Bug.
  78. Craig Dumesny. Adelaide Australia. Pro.
  79. Michael Cockerham, amateur, day job being Head of Music at girls' independent secondary school in Bath, UK, weekend job being dad to 1 very tolerant wife and 2 teenage daughters, one spaniel, and two cats.
  80. Surrey, UK, Amateur LRPS
  81. Longmont, Colorado. (The OTHER city in Boulder County :)) Semi-pro, freelance web design, print design, photography. Photograph african musicians for the love of it. Have used old nikons, leicas for 20+ years, but many of my website pics are taken with coolpix these days, sad. There are spider-webs in my darkroom.
  82. Keen amateur-photographer from Germany. Addicted to LEICA- Fotografie from 1969 on. Came to my first real LEICA (M4) from a ZORKI which I bought as a student.

    Best regards
  83. Shippensburg, Pennsylvania - amateur - my dental practice limits the time I have available to shoot, but I'm having more fun than I deserve with my Leica.
  84. The Big Apple. Enthusiatic and inquisitive amateur. Day job:
    Professor of Gastroenterology at NYU Medical School nere in
    New York.
  85. Springfield, Virgina (Washington, D.C. area). Long-time amateur.
  86. New Orleans. Sometimes get paid; sometimes with money.
  87. Alexandria, Virginia: Retired old fud. Leicas since 1945. Amateur. Use slides as a diary.Currently busy as a hospital foundation trustee (raising$$$).
  88. John Fulton, Fort Worth, Texas, USA, professional (pj) and aspiring amateur.
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  90. And now back to our regularly schedualed program...

    Mount Tabor, New Jersey

    Was professional, now for the pure pleasure of it.

    Teaching e-media graphics
  91. Burlington, Vermont, USA where winter is quickly melting away. Recently pulled my cameras out of hibernation to document my young family, so I'm an enthusiastic amateur. Working on hooking up a Sprintscan 4000 to join the "No Words" threads.
  92. Roger Cantwell in the county of Wiltshire, England. Semi-pro, if doing a couple of weddings several years ago counts ;-)
  93. John Taber Highland, California Amateur-Pro
  94. Michael Wildi, based in Zurich, Switzerland, Professional. Portaiture and Personal Documentory.
  95. Rich Weiss Pittsburgh PA longtime amateur
  96. Dan Colucci<p>
    Boston, MA<p>
    Camera Collector 10 years<p>
    Camera User 18 years<p>
    Leica Lover 1 year ( M3, M6, 35 Summ 4th vers., 90 Elmarit-M, D/R 50mm<p>
    Med format user ( Pentax 67 ) 5 years<p>
    Website: www.antiquecameras.net<p>
  97. Rhode Island, USA. CIA Agent (don't tell anyone). Part of my morning ritual is to crank a mint filmless M4 four times, just to hear the sound of German perfection. It gets my day off to a good start. Sometimes I fondle the M4 while watching TV. I still can't bring myself to put film in the thing. Maybe someday. Maybe.
  98. Resident in London, run a Hollywood movie studio's European operation, took a university degree in photography 25 years ago which was enough to demonstrate I'd starve if I was anything other than staunchly amateur!
  99. Stuart Dorman - Brit, based in Boulder, CO USA. Amateur. Reluctant United Airlines 1K member, thanks to SAP consulting job and the complete lack of any local work for 3+ years. Hold the dubious honor of losing my first Leica on the aforementioned airline within a month of owning it :(

    TGFI (Thank God For Insurance)
  100. sl


    Steve LeHuray
    Annapolis, Maryland

    Full time magazine photographer -- Street Photography as a hobby.
    Used to work for motor sport magazines now work for a film trade magazine taking pictures of celebrities and such.

    Leica Ms, Rollie TLR and Nikon.
    Personally speaking, I have no need for Digicams, AF or Program Modes.
    Less is more.

  101. m3


    Honeymoon capital of the world, Niagara falls, NY USA.....full time loser, haven't worked in nine months. :-(
  102. US Mountain Time. Amateur.
  103. Scotts Valley, CA
  104. Alistair Gray Lake District Cumbria U.K. Amateur
  105. Real estate agent from South Carolina (USA), but former engineer.

    Use my photography hobby primarily to record family and places. Long live Kodachrome!
  106. Lutz Konermann, Zurich, Switzerland, "semi-pro" (?) - I work as a movie director, cinematographer, screenwriter and professor for film making. Started out as an amateur photographer 30 years ago.
  107. One time editorial / commercial photographer, now a happy snapper :)

    Swindon, Wiltshire, England
  108. Retired, amature, Leica since 1978 (M-only + Trinovid 7x42B) Arizona.
  109. I don't like this bit about "I am very interested in about who are the professionals, because your experience and comments are very important." It sounds like you want to ignore any useful future input from anyone but 'pros'. In any case, I think you will find the 'pros' more set in their ways and only understand a small gamut of experience, whereas amateurs read the magazines and books and learn more. Take film processing, most pro's stick to one developer because its the safe known entity for their commercial work. Amateurs on the other hand have the luxury to experiment with a broader range of chemicals simply because it isn't a 'pay the food bill or die' situation.

    But what the heck. Steve Barnett, ex pro photojournalist, currently model manufacturer, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.
  110. Steve, I agree with you and I am sorry if I offended the amateur group. It wasn't meant to come across sounding like that. Apologize again.
  111. Enthusiastic amateur, living in Cardigan, Wales UK.
  112. Hey Sandy, ol' pal! I've been living here (for more than a month or two) in the real Berlin, as you can see from my address (although I think there is, in fact, a total of 7 Berlins on this globe). I am a research scientist checking out this, that and the other, so watch your hair, spit, ... etc as re DNA. My hobbies include cooking, classical music (also playing it on my own instruments), scuba diving, biking, raising the labradors (dogs). In my spare time -- if I have it -- I go out (w or w/o one of the bikes) and shoot my M6 TTL full. I'm not even a good amateur!
    As re time o' day, it is here in Leica land exactly 6 h later than "Eastern" time, or 9 h later than e.g. in Seattle or Anchorage.
  113. Tunkhannock, Pa. Retired Sales Manager, Leica user since 1952. Stayed for a year or so to Contax SLRs but quickly saw the "light".
  114. From from Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

    Another want-to-be-advanced amateur who recently (last year) and happily switched from a manual Pentax Spotmatic to totall automatic Nikon N80 to M6 ttl. I appreciate all the comments on the forum, from any level, new amateur to active and retired professional. And the forum is much more interesting because of contributions from all over the world.
  115. Amateur. Denver, CO
  116. Bjarke, Denmark, amateur !
  117. Brooklyn, NY. After six years as an assistant and freelance
    photog and teaching photography and B&W darkroom freelance,
    I have taken a job selling lighting gear and darkroom supplies at
    B&H! Also recently started teaching regular classes with two
    community organizations here in Brooklyn- and still shooting
    some freelance stuff. Come see me in the store over in the
    lighting department next time you are in B&H (and pray for me
    back in retail...).
  118. Blue Mountains (outside Sydney) Australia.
    Professional "QuickTime VR" (1995-). Hobby "candid people stills" (1980-).
    Leica user since 1998, Nikon F/F2/F4 user 1980-98. Use film only despite all work being delivered to clients in digital form (for www or cd-rom use).
  119. Professional in US Midwest.Member of ASMP and a PPofA Master Photographer.
  120. Alex Shishin. Akashi, Japan. Non-profit street photographer. Also writer. Full time professor, British and American literature.
  121. Hawaii, the blue Pacific. Amateur until the check arrives. Amateur afterwards. Looking to move to New Zealand. If you think you can help, or offer advice, email me.<P>

    Allen Herbert - That was the best thing I've yet seen written here.
  122. And by "here" I mean on the internet.
  123. Apalachin, NY--Remember the l957 mob meeting? I wasn't here then, unfortunately. I'm a former professional--news correpondent, feature writer and photographer for 15 years. Been using Leicas since mid-60s. And Steve is correct: those tight deadlines didn't allow for a lot of experimentation--it was Tri-X and Acufine down the line (Diafine in Vietnam--better temperature latitude). I still do a little photofeature work. And I don't care whether the advice is coming from an amateur or pro--only matters that it's good advice. The forum is a godsend.
  124. Ron Wills, Long Beach, California, long time amateur.
  125. Sandy, I live in California. Street photographer. Considerable experience with painting and writing.
    The question of "amateur" or "pro" seems largely irrelevant to me regarding photography. There is plenty of nice work that never gets "bought", and lots of pure crap that does.
    By your standard, van Gogh would have had to answer-"Amateur".;)
    -- Ray Haack
  126. Yellow Springs, Ohio/ Photographic Dealer/ Mostly commercial, professional business/ US Leica Dealer and graduate of Leica Schule Wetzlar 1986
    --Paul RyBolt
  127. Utah...Amateur phtographer, professional river guide (Colorado River)...8 months lurking, first time posting.
  128. Bob Todrick...Edmonton, Alberta, Canada...photographic industrial sales (schools, gov't, institutions) by day, fine art photographer (represented by two galleries) the rest of the time.
  129. Dick Baznik, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A. My day job is being a writer and university administrator.
  130. Jacques Leonard. Laval (Qc) Canada. Just north of Montreal.
    Professional designer, amateur(?!?) photographer for the past
    30 years.
    I often use photography as a tool for my business. I worked as
    photographer assistant for a while when I was younger. I sell
    photos from time to time. I won contest with my photography. But
    I am an amateur! Pros get their bread & butter with their pictures.
    I don't. And I don't intend to.
    Read today's Mike Johnson column on Pro & Amateur on
    Luminous Landscape site. It is right on!
    Best to you all!
  131. Norman Mayersohn, New Jersey, journalist who is sometimes paid for images that accompany the words. Other German products in household: one German shepherd dog.
  132. NY, NY ("Capital of Photography"). Left-eyed. Street shooter.
  133. Near Frankfurt, Germany. At the age of 19 first SLR, Minolta XG2, later tried other Minolta-Bodys and lot of lenses. At age 21 swap to Olympus OM1, later OM2 and OM4, again lot of lenses, especially since ebay. Last year, age 42, got used Leica M6 + 35/2, fulfilled an old dream. Will sell Olympus now. Like to photograph everything what get attention of my eyes. Still get red ears when take photos in public.
  134. Augusta, Georgia. Physician (pediatrics) during the week, and amateur photographer on weekends.
  135. Bob Fleischman, St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Amateur, with a special interest in wide-screen slide projecting. Licensed Professional Counselor, working mostly with abuse and trauma.
  136. Josh Root, Anacortes, Washington (north of Seattle, in the San Juan islands), Pro shooting/filming "extreme" sports (mostly BMX bicycles and wakeboarding). Hopefully, soon to be grad school student in the Journalism department at Univ of British Columbia.
  137. Ivar Wind Skovgaard, Copenhagen, Denmark (just north of Germany).

    Amateur, sold one print. Sometimes physics/astronomy student, sometimes database programmer, currently part time cinema projectionist - moving two miles of film around gives you an entirely new view of 35mm :)
  138. Gent > Belgium > Europe (amateur to the bone)
  139. Thomas Krantz, Denmark, amateur, film only, develop and print myself with Focomat 1C, primarily landscapes, Leica M6, M3, IIIF and a bunch of lenses
  140. Bremen, hanseatic city, Germany (GMT+1h), aged 42, pro till 2000, today semi-pro, editor and engineer, started out as an amateur photographer in 1974.
  141. I sent this in last night but it doesn't seemed to have crossed the Pacific - I live in Mumbai (Bombay) India, ambitious dilettante.
  142. London, England. Enthusiast.
  143. Gerry Widen, 30+ years of photographic experience still strictly an amateur. Born,raised and still live on Long Island, NY. Click on my name to see the type of work I do.
  144. Akron, Ohio (USA). Former photoj now a web content producer/geek. Finally back to shooting for myself.
  145. Reading, MA. Aging but hopeful amateur.
  146. Oliver S. Schrinner, Munich, Bavaria, Germany (GMT + 1 hr., EST + 6 hrs., Tokyo - 9 hrs.), semi-pro.
  147. Bend, Oregon. Librarian. Amateur.
  148. Minneapolis, MN, amateur. For money I'm an Art Director for a
    small Advertising/design agency.
  149. Simon Cheong, Hong Kong, definitely amateur.
  150. Oregon City, Oregon. Looks like the NW does have good coverage.

    Full time Information Systems Administrator but have donated photography to the University I work at. So I've been published but never paid. What does that make me then?

    The only Leica equipment I use is the table tripod and large ball head. But based on the number of Leica related books I've bought over the last year it's only a matter of time. Did just get the new little 45mm Tessar-like Nikkor for my FM3A to try and duplicate the Lecia look though. We'll see.
  151. From DA Bronx, Electrical Construction Project Manager by profession. Even though I've made some bucks shooting weedings, events, etc... and made some money on it, I still consider myself a novice. strickly a leica M user for the past 2 years.
  152. I am an amateur in Sacramento, California.
  153. Chandos Michael Brown, college prof., amateur photographer, the Tidewater of Virginia, USA.
  154. I'm a carpenter/contractor-residential renovation mostly-in Toronto- Ontario. Have made very few bucks off my pix, over the years.
  155. Mexico, ayayaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
    amateur with a degree
    If you want to see my work go and open the freezer!

    By the way I´m AGAINST the war!
  156. Rochester NY - Kodak's home town. Bought an M3 when I was 19, 25 years ago. Worked in a photo shop at the time and have known enough good photographers to know that I am at best a lackluster amatuer. But I have fun.
  157. What is your place of domicile for the last 3-6 months? Please don't tell me/us about your nationality, this is FBI, CIA and INS's dept., it's none of my business. Secondly, please qualify that by a simple : Pro, semi-pro and fun/amateur/what have you.
    Call me paranoid, but now that I think of it, why are we answering any of these questions? Are any of them your "business"?
  158. Doug, please don't get paranoid. Yes and no to your question. If I sent you a question via email about something, I would be looking forward anxiously for a reply. Not knowing where you are or if you are in the same time zone as me, I would have waited for a long time and not getting answered. I would get very disappointed. Same thing can happen to you or to any of us. However, if I knew you are presently in Europe, and it is 4 am in the morning for you, then I would be happy to wait patiently. Does this make sense? This, I want to emphasis, is by no means intended to be an invasion on one's privacy. This time, I will not compile the list and republish it on PN so that it can be used by people outside of the community. If you are interested in the whereabout of a certain friend, you have to make a note for yourself.
    For the life of me, I would never have guessed that Michael K is in Berlin. All these time I thought he is right here in the U.S..
    All I care about is the time zone you are in. As you can see from the responses, this is a very international community.
    I guess I should have elaborate that more on my initial request.
    You are right, it is none of my business. Nothing is.
  159. Alison is my real name
    Live in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia (lived here for 6 years)
    Definately Amateur
    Behaviour Intervention Support Programmer for people with intellectual disabilities is my occupation
  160. Eric Calderwood.

    Liverpool, UK. Amateur, working in the Telecoms Industry.
  161. Okay, thanks, Sandy. after your comment and our email exchange, my paranoia is now in remission . . . .
  162. So Sandy, you're not, after all, on the CIA payroll, which means you might be able to thread all this together and make something of it. Huh, if I had known!?
  163. Born and raised in/around beautiful Stockholm, Sweden. Close to a decade in the US/DC Metro Area. Day-job: run partnering/channel sales for a biometric firm. Day/Evening/Night/Weekend-job: raising a family and being a husband. Do I need to mention that I don't get paid for my photography...
  164. Robert, I do have a day job. I work for a textile company here in the U.S. and I am the excutive director of sales. As much as I wanted to work for the CIA, I am afraid they would turn me down - too dumb, don't know how to count, can't spell, bad grammar, etc., etc. May be you can give me a recommandation so that I can join them. No work, great pay, what a good prospect!!!
  165. Transporting another response from the other thread...
    Carlos Borges. From Portugal. Soon with a personal site with images made Leica LTM and Rolleiflex TLR cameras. www.carlosborges.com Regards to you all. c.b.
    Carlos Borges
  166. Yet another one...<p>greg mason serious amateur from lafayette california<p><a href="http://www.photo.net/shared/community-member?user_id=26160">--greg mason <a/>, March 26, 2003; 01:39 A.M. Eastern
  167. doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en"> Hi Sandy, since you're doing an excellent job collecting us all here, and now just wrote
    Transporting another response from the other thread...
    you might also want to check out:
    Daily Bread?
    How old are you?
    Where are you all from?
    "So what do we all do for a living?"
    OT: Forumers here..
  168. Hello Michael,

    It is incredible how similar the other threads are. I don't even know how I could have missed them all. My only excuse is I am on the road 40% of the time....

    One hundred and sixty members (and counting) have posted their information upon this requset. If we added the ones who still have not sign in, I am pretty sure the number would go well over two hundred.

    I guess only a meticulous person like you can round up similar threads like that. What we should do with all these information, although it would require a lot of work and dedication, is to tabulate them and produce a directory. It would be extremely time consumming, but the only way to do it right is to compile all the names and information given in HTML format, such that the names and e-mail addresses can be linked. However, the worry of providing a list to the e-commerce people and spammers gives me a lot of hesitation. Can you share some thoughts ?

    Michael, I said it once, and I am saying it again, you never cease to amaze me. I supposed this is what we called wealth of information.

    Maybe we can find a volunteer :)

    Very late good night from me, I need some sleep....I cannot even focus my eyes properly on the monitor !
  169. Okay, Sandy, have a nice nap!

    I myself thought of this too. First point is of course that I doubt many people had already previously "looked up" and/or found (i.e. via Searches here) everything I just posted, because who would search for "bread"? I would sooner search for "money" etc when it comes to Leica!

    Maybe we could invent a new category entitled "Statistics" or "Members" or "Leica users" etc. Tony, what do you think???
  170. Doug, thanks for chirping in. The scientist in me by training (Biochemistry, BSc.,MS.,MBA @ UC) makes me always looking for data. However, for this one, you'll be LOL on how naive I can be. Take a look at Our Group .
    Now that's enough, don't laugh so hard....
  171. Doug, a very good morning to you by the way. :))))))
  172. Günter Haika. Vienna, Austria. Amateur who holds a license as press photographer. http://haika.de.vu/
  173. Calgary, AB Canada. Full time MD, sell b&w prints if people ask.
    Shoot 4x5 Deardorff and M Leica since the mid sixties.
  174. Maury Cohen-Santa Rosa, CA
    Product Specialist at Lowepro USA, manufacturer of the best camera bags in the business.
    I shoot in-house as part of my work and a bit on the side just for fun. I Also play the cello for additional income.
    Left-handed, Left Eyed and favor my Left leg when cycling.
  175. Enthusiastic amateur. Valley Stream, NY
  176. Csab', Personal Photographer of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.
    Just joking. I'm just another amateur wasting film.
    By the way, I like your portrait;)and the fact that a nice dog can read my message.
  177. csab', thanks for signing in. I hope you'll find all that information above useful for communicating off-line. I have a few very good friends in the Netherlands ( we called it the Neverlands ! a joke amongst ourselves)

    You are, by the way, the 167th person to signs in. Thanks again.
  178. From Hampshire on the South coast of England (UK)

    Father of two, philosopher, poet and Cornish Pasty chef extraordinaire! Black belt in Lego.

    43 years of age, 6' 1" in height, hair mostly present.

    I love old Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger films and
    my favourite photographers are Bill Brandt & James Ravilious
    and some others.

    My favourite colour is blue and I am left handed and Scorpio.

    I am a keen amateur with 2 successful exhibitions (so far) in last 2 years.

    I am a Contax user and believe Leica lenses are nowt but 'knock offs' of original Zeiss designs ("lynch him!" they cry ) but I am keen to own some Leica M (or screw) mount glass very soon too see what all the bl**dy fuss is about.

    My favourite Leica Forum photographer is Tony Brookes because he is English and old and I like his Summar pics enormously.
  179. First 23 years Vienna , Austria. Last 43 years State of Victoria , Australia. Amateur. Very much looking forward to retirement in 2 months time, in order to pursue landscape and wildlife photography more seriously.
  180. Kaj Froling, Denmark, entusiastic amateaur
  181. A great thread!Ilive in Fountain Hills, Arizona - near Phoenix. I'm long retired (78) and have been taking photography seriously only in the past three years, mostly 4x5 in association with a very popular large-format class at a local college. The instructor is also a Leica enthusiast! But I have on order an M6 and a new M7, a 75 lux and an f:2 35 cron. I enjoy using my darkroom, though I do dabble in digital. I've met numerous photography people here through the class (I've been attending it for over three years, but some have been attending it for over six years. Something new every class!)I am a retired nuclear development administrator, single, but with six great children and their families(from former marriage!), very healthy except for my dang knees, which should be replaced! I look forward to sharing my shots when I get my Leicas.
  182. J. Jason Lee: Originally hail from Conway, SC bedroom
    community to Myrtle Beach, the "Redneck Riveria." 28 years old.
    Citadel Military College Graduate c/o '96. Former Realtor now
    pursuing a career in Photojournalism. By Sandy's definition I'm a
    "professional" WHOOPEE! Some freelance for local papers,
    weddings, corporate... Just finished first year at Western
    Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY. I discovered where I
    needed to be about the same time I discovered the right camera
    for my needs. M6 & 35 'Cron for the last 18 months.
  183. Enthusiastic amateur. Currently in Washington, DC, but soon back in Los Angeles.
  184. Dave Doyle, The Table, what have you - One of the 6%

    Have been published, somewhere...Oh yeah Rolling Stone, yeah that's it Rolling Stone
    or was it Vanity Fair or Liz Phair or Lizzie Borden.
  185. Sandy--don't know how I missed this the first time--

    Chuck Jordan, Boston, MA USA, amatuer (but just had an author's book jacket photo published--alas, the credit was misspelled, such is life), management consultant in "real life"
  186. Mexico City, a full time pro for the past 17 years.
  187. Baltimore, MD. Amateur, but hopeful.
  188. grg


    Plymouth, Michigan. Amateur. Go Blue!
  189. Hong Kong.A city badly struck with SARS since mid March this year.I am an amateur and a Leicaphile.I also use Nikon SLR and Hasselblad V system.
  190. Sorry Sandy, I should've posted the first time around... too much lurking!

    Jackson Anderer - Santa Monica, CA - strictly amateur - "Real" job? Television editor.
  191. Vienna, Austria, Amateur
  192. Wellington, New Zealand, amateur.

    Is someone going to summarise all these answers sometime?
  193. Parma, Italy. Amateur (I'm a producer of Parma Ham).
  194. Xavier from Maisons Alfort, (Near Paris - France), IT Engineer in the Automotive world, Talentless Amateur.

    KOTL of the Leica Reflex List on http://www.topica.com
  195. Amateur, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
  196. Bakersfield, California
  197. Ross M,

    Yes, I am compiling all these information into something readable and printable. It will be available only to those who have signed in. However, if you would like to help or have better ideas, I am all ears! My problem is this has to be refreshed/updated from time to time.
  198. Victor Cruz, Margate, Florida USA, Amateur
  199. Jackson Wong from Hong Kong. Once a journalist. Baby hobbist in the Leicadom.
  200. Imran Ahmed, Karachi Pakistan, hopelessly amateur user of leica eqpt of varing vintage.
  201. Sandy,

    I really thought that I responded before-must have been a different thread!

    I work in lower Manhattan (NYC), live on Long Island, have been trying my hand at image making for the past 55 years (I started when I was 12), have used a Leica M cameras and lenses for over twenty years, and although I once thought of photography as a profession I've been a consultant in Educational Research & Evaluation for thirty-six years. I'm a real amateur photographer (mostly travel and family). It continues to be a gas!
  202. Sandy:
    I am an amateur and hobbyist for 3 years preceeded by 5 years of the same
    back in the early 70's. Quit to chase the "almighty dollar" and ---caught some
    but not all----- Am a retired equipment lessor living in the Las Vegas NV area.
    Spent 13 years in Manly NSW and speak fluent Antipodean, both versions.
    Just bought a scanner and have vowed to have something up on the Forum
    by July 4th. Don't know how how I would get through a day without the Forum
    since I use it as a substitute for gambling! Fondling my Leica's substitutes for
    visits to gentlemen's clubs! Wife Julie, approves of both of the former--
  203. Sorry, must have missed it first time around.
    Nikon user since 1994, Leica user since 1998 (got hooked when living London), gear-head, bag-oholic, amateur. Lives in Falsterbo, Sweden.
  204. Well, I'm a New Yorker (work in NYC, but live on Long Island). I've been trying my hand at image making for 55 years, mostly as an amateur, although I actually earned a few dollars in photography during the late fifties-including a time as a Army photog using a 4x5 Speed Graphic. I finally made it to the world of Leica M about fifteen years ago. I earn my living working for a consulting firm, but gain my real enjoyment from family and travel photography.

    It's amazing how many have responded to this thread from across the globe. Great idea Sandy.


    -- Alan Simon , March 26, 2003; 04:49 P.M. Eastern
  205. Dale Schreiner, Portland, OR, enthusiastic amateur
  206. Owen Wrigley; Yangon, Myanmar (Rangoon, Burma)

    except I can only log on from Bangkok, Thailand, when I come "out"
    (no open Internet access in Myanmar)

    amateur w/occasional exhibitions and sales
  207. Meadville,PA. Originally from Rochester, NY. Worked college summers for EK in 1960's as color paper inspector and film emulsion tester for 126 Kodacolor. New York State Department of Transportation road project photographer 1970. First Leica photo 1955.1966 birthday present: IIIg/50 Elmar f2.8 first Leica/lens. Humble amateur since 1966. Still have the IIIg and Elmar.
  208. earth
  209. your feet...

    ...what about your head?
  210. Radvánszki Gábor (how does PN handle accents?) as in my native language.
    In English it would be Gabor Radvanszki.

    Hungary, Budapest

    amateur, spends too much time browsing, not shooting

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