When Will Nikon Announce the Next Product Releases?

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  1. Not asking for any crystal ball work. Just, when in the course of each year, and at which photo industry shows, does Nikon typically announce new products. And is there one coming up in the next few months?
  2. http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~ssanty/cgi-bin/eightball.cgi
  3. It said "No way".
  4. It said
    Magic Eight Ball

    February is often "Anouncement month..[​IMG]
  5. Wow, that website seems to be extremely trusty beceause it gives random answers.
  6. Its the best, it tells you what you want to read.. :)
  7. thom hogan has illustrated the historical timeline thus:
    you know the bit about past performance being no guarantee of future results, but the chart suggests the next month or two are looking pretty good...
  8. In fact, Nikon has been a little sloppy in terms of the timing to announce new products. It is not unusual if they announces their new camera at a time of a year that has nothing to do with the major trade shows.
  9. Tried the 8 Ball, typed in NIKON, and it said Yes!
  10. It said "future is cloudy" to me...
  11. I keep asking it the same question, and it gives me different answers. I think the 8-ball is confused as to what a Nikon D400 is.
  12. Zach, D400 confuses me too ... :)
    The OP just asked about anouncements, and nikon has just started anouncing today with a new .... tadaaaa .... : Jamie Oliver CookBook ..: http://www.nikon.nl/nl_NL/ :) !! So the eightball was right !
  13. When people will stop asking so we're in for a long wait!!!!
  14. Judging from Bythom and all, it looks like we are in for some seriously nice goodies in the near future.
  15. 'Nikon Rumors' is specualting March and April with a D800 for around 2k and a mirrorless 16-24 MP.
  16. a D800 for around 2k​
    Unpossible! That violates Nikon's recent price escalation strategy. It'll be more like $3900.
  17. There was an interview with Nikon's Senior Vice President David Lee just recently. You can check it out here: http://www.imaging-resource.com/NEWS/1294696074.html. And, David Lee indicated that the price of full frame cameras are coming down. But, it will be a gradual process.
    I would love to buy an FX camera and at 2k I would probably jump at it. However, I don't think that I have to worry about jumping in the near future.
  18. The recent trend has been that companies like to announce that they are going to be making an annoucement about some future product annoucements. Phew.
  19. They just announced that they will stop their announcements.......what a world, what a world....
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    UP to year 2010, the PMA Expo used to be held around February to early March. Therefore, a lot of new cameras (especially consumer level) and lenses were announced prior to the PMA. However, this year the PMA is moved to September 6 and also renamed to CliQ: http://www.dpreview.com/news/1101/11011107cliq2011.asp
    Therefore, we don't expect a bunch of new product introductions in late January and early February as before, but the need to prepare new products prior to the spring and early summer remains (Mother's Day, Father's Day, graduations, vacations ...). Therefore, I expect Nikon will have new cameras and lenses to announce in February/March/April as usual. And of course there will be new products for the CliQ (PMA) show.
    As far as what Nikon will announce and the precise timing, as usual, those who know are under non-disclosure aggreement and will not reveal any real information. Those who are eager to talk such as various rumor sites have no idea what they are talking about. Those sites have no real content and have to manufacture rumors to attract viewership so that their track record is terrible.
  21. Shun, have you actually seen Nikon-Rumors track record? Yes, they post a lot of rumors, but if they can't get anything concrete, they post it saying it is most likely false, or don't post it at all. And a large portion of their posts are just patent applications. And generally they have been dead-on when they are within two weeks of an announcement.
    Besides, anyone who takes the stuff over there too seriously needs their heads checked. But it is sometimes fun to speculate. And I think a blatant anti-rumors site stance is like saying photography must always be serious. Lighten up. As long as people point out that is rumor, what's the harm?
  22. When I brought up the 'Nikon Rumors' post it was clear to me that it was just that..... Nikon Rumors. In fact, they were, and are not claiming that they are privvy to anything other than a hypothetical assumption of future events based on chatter from seemingly independent sources. I've only been a reader of their (and this) site for a few months and take everything with a grain of salt, be it prefaced by rumor disclaimers or purported to be truth past down in stone tablets. It's fun to speculate though and listen to the opinions and predictions of others. If nothing else the speculation and opinions of us all will have an impact on the designs of future products if the powers that be are listening.
    D800 at 2k?........... Who do I make it out to?
  23. ShunCheung

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    Zach, I am very familiar with Nikon Rumor's shady record. Sometimes I am under photo.net's NDA with Nikon so that I have advanced information prior to the actual announcement to write pre-views here. It is obvious that some people are leaking NDA info to them, but it is never more than3, 4 weeks prior to the actual announcement, and it is amusing to see how they milk the information. For example, prior to the 28-300 announcement, it was very obvious that they deliberately changed the 28-300 to 18-200 FX because they knew the other 3 lenses (55-300 DX, 24-120mm/4 AF-S VR, and 85mm/f1.4 AF-S) correctly to be announced at the same time. By changing the 28-300 to 18-200, they managed to generate a lot of controversy and debate about whether a 18-200 for FX was even possible, and of course eventually they changed it back to 28-300 FX. See this thread for the details back then: http://www.photo.net/casual-conversations-forum/00WtzV
    Since I was under NDA at that time, I could not directly point out that the rumor was merely a lie.
    The rumor sites' problem is that Nikon probably has 3 to 4 announcements a year, and for each announcement they can drag it out for maybe 2 weeks or so by leaking a bit of information every few days and perhaps some wrong info on purpose. But there are 52 weeks a year, and they need to find ways to attract web "hits" for the remaining 40+ weeks.
    P.S. This was the preview I wrote at that time: New Nikon FX Lenses: 85/1.4, 24-120/4, 28-300 http://www.photo.net/equipment/nikon/new-fx-lenses-telephoto-zoom/preview/
    Since the 55-300 is a DX lens, I grouped that with the D3100 preview.
  24. Many Nikon aficionados peruse the Nikon rumours and NikonLinks website as well as photo.net´s Nikon forum. They all serve different purposes but are entertaining and with Tom Hogan´s site tend to give a pretty good picture of what to expect.
    A grain of salt never hurt anyone, or did it?
  25. The D4 should be announced shortly before the next Winter Olymics so shooters will have it in hand to shoot the skiiing and competition.
  26. Umm...Winter Olympics? Why wouldn't Nikon aim to have it out before next years Summer Olympics?

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