When is a Carl Zeiss lens NOT a Carl Zeiss lens?

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  2. hi all, war and politics - the entire contax camera factory was moved to kien, ukraine by the russians, at some point.
    I have no knowledge of lenses being made in kiev. obviously viewfinder/rangefinder optics built there. later, the Kiev cameras were produced, contax designs.

    after the ravages of WWII, soviet oppression, it is amazing that the workers at Jena, produced anything- material shortages, the need to prioritize the s.union market - due to russian priorities, when they needed to earn hard currency from sales to the more prosperous west. I remember looking at photo mags in the 60's seeing the ultra-wide 20mm flektagon avertised, I think for the Exakta, still being produced in DresdenI wonder if anyone has a7'd one of these?
    due to Comecon (the S.U's common market), I guess much of the output from Kiev and Jena, went to markets in the soviet orbit. poor old Meoptam in CZ(THE COUNTRY), had the same situation. they all survived, because they had to, to live.

    so quality-control is likely to have suffered. however at the time, they re obviously not in the same market sector as the contarex/contaflex cameras, from the west. 50-60 years later, we are all expect top QC.

    we have the luxury and time to experiment with such equipment. prewar and post war, ziess were about 20 years ahead of anybody else, in lens design, including leica. who caught up somewhat, when CAD became available in the70's.remember most early leica lenses were based on ziess formulae, elmar - tessar, summicron - planar,sonnar, biogon, distagon - elmarits.- imaging progress owes a lot to ziess. their designs helped to rebuildjapan's ecomy, of course.

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