When do you schedule your engagement shoots?

Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by fuccisphotos, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. Since most couples aren't able to make engagement shoots in the middle of the week, I'm finding I'm needing to schedule shoots on the weekends, which are potential wedding days. I'm thinking Sundays would be less likely to interfere with scheduling of potential weddings. So how do you usually schedule engagement shoots of the couples? Thanks!
  2. Yes, often only a day or 2 a head. Most on the time 1 week is fine.
  3. There are a few different ways to approach this- one is to only schedule them on weekends when you want to, or to charge a premium for a weekend engagement shoot versus a weekday engagement shoot. That will help couples self-filter and determine how much it's worth it for them to do a weekend versus a weekday. Most couples can find one day during the week in which they can both take off work a little early like they would for a doctor's appointment- but you have to be firm in letting them know that you only do your portrait sessions during the week so that you can give weddings and your family your full attention on the weekends. Most couples are understanding when you let them know why.
  4. Since I only schedule 2 weddings a month (personal reasons) I have 2-3 weekends forr for engagements shoots. In the summer and early fall, weekdays are good too as we are right on the shre of Lake Erie and the sunsets can be spectacular..........
  5. I only do weddings on Saturdays. If an engagement shoot can't be during the week, then I do them on Sundays as they fit into the rest of my schedule.
  6. I schedule my engagement shoots a few days to a few weeks out. If they want to wait several months for the engagement shoot, we wait and schedule it until about a month out. (I just say, "let's wait to schedule a definite date and time so we can check the weather...") The chance of me scheduling a last minute wedding are pretty small and if that did happen, I would just call the couple and be honest. Most of my clients, if not all, are really pretty understanding!

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