When Batch renames, raw files turned into unopenable exec files - help!

Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by maria_linz, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. When I used the Batch Rename, some of my raw files were not renamed but
    because RAW exec files that I can not seem to open. What are they and how do I
    get the photos back?? Please help!
  2. bdp


    What are you using to rename the files, and how are you specifying the ending extension?
    For Canon, RAWS end with CRW or CR2, and you should leave them with that ending, just rename the section before it. If you're coming up with file names that end in .exe (executable files), just rename them back to whatever the ending extension was before and they should open fine.
  3. I'll rephrase...I was renaming a wedding in Bridge using Batch Rename. 89 of the pictures turned into exec files. At least the icon turned into a blue box with 'exec' written in it. The files names are now CR2 CR2 (1) and so forth. I am unable to rename them... there are no extensions. Any other options?
  4. <<At least the icon turned into a blue box with 'exec' written in it.>>

    This may be a silly question but have you rebooted your computer since then? Windows has a habit of putting the wrong icon on files when it gets confused. Rebooting fixes the "problem."
  5. Just try putting .jpg / .tif / .crw or .cr2 or whatever extension you usually have on the end of the filename in the actual folder. Photoshop has done this to me recently.

    ie, img_500.jpg becomes img_500 and is buggered. Just a file I can't open. Right click, rename, img_500.tif and it was openable again. 2nd time photoshop has done that to me (CS2)

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