What's your opinion on editing photos?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by bretaincrab, Apr 21, 2020.

  1. A photo.

    A rarity on this forum.
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  2. Yikes, Allen Hebert, sorry Alan.
  3. Thank you. Now we can move on.
  4. Thanks for your defense. But, any personal complaints I had about someone else's posts should have done privately with a direct email to the person, not publicly which may have embarrassed him.

    Embarrassing people publicly is not the right way to handle it. I remember when I was a boss. I always tried to chew out my employees privately in my office, never in front of other workers. I've been an employee too who has been yelled out in front of peers. It's not a good feeling. Of course, it's so easy with social media to unload. It encourages bad manners and unnecessary conflict. I'm guilty of it as well.
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  5. I was just swimming by the pond and noticed a bit of a feeding frenzies going on. And the rest is history.

    I agree with your thoughts, and I'm as guilty anyone, in involving myself in unnecessary conflicts. Apologies, to anyone I might have upset.

    As you say let's move on.

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