What's your favourite 50/2.8 LTM lens?

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  1. There's not too much information out there, as far as I can tell. I notice that there are a lot of 50mm f/2.8 LTM lenses out there by Fuji, Canon, Yashica and Minolta. There is of course the Leica 50 Elmar, too.

    So, out of those lenses, which is the best performer? I am more interested in consistency across the frame, even if it means less centre resolution. Low distortion, low CA are also desirable.
  2. Had a few hours with a modern Voigtlander (VC) 50/2.5 LTM that had a modern look with good correction but not overcorrected. I would get one if I didn’t already own an Elmar 50/3.5 LTM and an Elmar-M 50/2.8 + too many other 50s in general.
    Too lazy to check, but if Leica have made the Elmar-M 50 in LTM I think that would be the ultimate LTM collapsible 50mm. But as said, I don’t even know if it exists.
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  3. Stopped down to f3.5 my 1958 John Van Stelten restored Leica 50 f2.8 LTM is a favorite. I think at 3.5 it is the equivalent of a first series collapsible Summicron f2 50. The 2.8 Elmar originally was standard on the IIIg series, but I've used it on an M3 with the adapter. Nice and compact collapsed without the lens hood.
  4. I actually, no kidding, do like my Industar 5cm f/2.8
  5. JDM they are brilliant, if you get a good one. I have a zorki 5 (I think they were on to a marketing scheme there - '5', it makes it appear that it's a better version of the versions that didn't exist - much like the 'sputnik 5' vaccine). It has a good lens. Must use it. Keep safe, Arthur (apiarist1)
  6. They most certainly did exist, with the Zorki 3 and 4 series being generally considered the best of the breed (4k probably the best user, but the 3m is prettier).
  7. Thanks, everyone. Niels, I had forgotten about the CV 50/2.5!
  8. I have the Canon 50/2.8 that goes with the Canon VI that my dad bought when I was one year old.
    It took most of our family pictures until I was 10, when he bought a Canon Pellix with 50/1.8.

    After that, I was able to borrow it, including hundreds of pictures for 7th and 8th grade yearbook.

    That was my favorite camera until I bought a Nikon FM at the end of 3rd year of college.

    I also have (still) a Xenogon 35/2.8, which I also used with the Canon VI, as the viewfinder
    has a selector for a 35mm lens.

    A few years ago, I got a FED-2 with 50/2.8, though I can't read Russian.

    OK, if I put Industar into google translate it comes out with Индустар,
    which is what it says on the lens.


    Taken with the FED-2 and Индустар 50/2.8.
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  9. I once had the LTM Leica 2.8 that was stolen. It was sharp as I would ever want especially at f4. Its tonal signature is a bit flatter than the Summicrons. My favorite 50 is the Summicron 50 Type IV which is reportedly the same optically as Ver 5 which has a built in hood.
  10. Apparently the V is for vaccine (or the Russian letter for it), not 5.

    And there are Zorki number from 2, and an unnumbered one before it.
  11. Interesting. For some reason it doesn't always get glowing reviews.
  12. You know what, I misspoke, it wasn't in LTM it was in M mount. Very sad I lost it as I was just getting used to it.
    This one:
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  13. Uhhhh I screwed up moderator. I tried to put a link to the image, but grabbed the image instead. It's not my photo, it's from eBay. Could you remove it?
  14. It's a beautiful object, especially in black.
  15. If you are enamored with high quality products at the height of the machine age, that era of Leitz/Lecia was brilliant.
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  16. Another 50 I do have that is also a very good lens is the VC Nokton 50 1.5. It's sort of big compared to any of the Leica 50's, but takes some nice pics. I recall when it first came out Erwin Putz was very taken by it. It is in Leica screw mount.
  17. LEICA 50mm 2.8 ELMAR ltm collapsible. I have had it since 1969. It came with an adapter on my 1955 M-3 for the princely sum of $175.00
  18. I neglected to add lens and M-3 for $175.00

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