What's your favorite classic Canon?

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  1. What is your favorite classic Canon? Not just FD (otherwise this should be in the FD forum) but all classic Canons, SLRs and RFs. While I've really been on a huge Minolta trip lately (and still am for the most part) I've been primarily a Canon user for a long time, so this is getting back to my roots, so to speak. I've had a number of Canons ranging from FTs to Canon DSLRs, and a lot of stuff in between, but there are a lot I'd still like to have such as a Canonflex or some of the older Canon RFs. The FT is the only non-FD classic Canon (SLR, that is...) I've used, but my FD list includes the FTb, FTbn, AE-1, AE-1P, A-1, F-1(original), F-1N, and the T-90. Of all of these the original F-1 is my favorite. In fact, it's probably my favorite classic camera of all (you thought a Minolta would have that title, didn't you?) and one of my favorite cameras period. I love the fact that it's a mechanical camera built to stringent professional standards, and I love its smooth and quick operation. The shutter is smooth, as smooth as the Minolta/Leica shutter on my Minolta XE-bodies, but faster. I like the look of the camera as well, with its low-profile prism and sizeable but not too hefty body. My favorite lenses to mount on it are the FD 50/1.4 and the FDn 35/2 and with those mounted, it delivers amazing pictures. So what's your favorite classic Canon? Show a picture of it if you care to. Here's mine...
  2. hi andy, my favorite canon is the old canon fp, i think its the only canon slr that did not have a meter. my dad bought it in 1964, over the years he aquired several fl lenses, those lenses are still mint condition, the camera has a small ding or two but still works like a charm. thanks for the post.
  3. Well Andy....so many great Canons....which to choose? I mostly use my F1, but also use the T90 and Ftb's a lot as well.
    I have a few rangefinder Canons, including a 11D, which is my favourite amongst these. The only old SLR that I have is a Canonflex RM, which is not as well put together as the later FT's IMHO.
    Oh, a favourite! That would have to be an FTb I suppose, great build quality, nice to use, and an absolute bargain these days.
  4. Canonflex RM
  5. Currently my only classic Canon is my Canonet GIII 17 that I bought new in 1981. I do have an EOS Rebel XT and a Rebel K, but they are not classics. So I guess for now my favorite classic Canon is the GIII 17. I am looking to acquire a manual Canon SLR in the near future. Hopefully an F or if money's tight, an FTB. I will start with the 35mm f2 lens most likely.
  6. I'd have to say my Canonflex, the original one, it is a solid camera, and has a convenient bottom wind lever. It is closely followed by Canon Pellix and the EX-EE.
  7. Canon L-1, with 50/1.8.
  8. RF VI-T
  9. I like the Canon F1n. It's simple, precise and reliable. Built like a tank, it offers a full range of professional accessories and fine FD optics.
  10. The (new) F-1 AE is probably the finest 35mm camera ever made. Built like the infamous brick outhouse, it has redundent mechanical/electronic shutter speeds, two different metering systems, 100% viewfinder, a large Lithium battery which lasts for years, interchangable screens, and I guess every trick that Canon could come up with. It's the camera that one would take with him for a year long trip to the Gobi Desert. Unfortunately, it's also quite heavy, doesn't have hig-eyepoint finder, and sucks ergonomically. I lost mine to a home burglarly or I'd still have it.
    The Canon that I do still use is an Elan from 1991, but only as backup for my Digital Rebel Xsi.
  11. My favourite Canon is definitely the F-1 both the new and old. I really like the looks of the old F-1, espceially with a Flash Coupler F on the top and a Motor Drive MF on the bottom! That said the New F-1 is easier to use with the dedicated A,G and T-series flashes (esp the 299T) and its much more convenient AE operation and metering pattern choices. Of course it has to have the motor drive underneath it as well! I also like the built in light for the meter info window (I do have a Finder Illuminator F for the old F-1s). The power rewind is great and it leaves the leader out unlike the nikons of the time. The only thing i don't like is that it is missing mirror lock up. But 'll admit that i never used that on my old F-1. If you use a tripod and set the timer or use a cable release, you pretty much don't need MLU unless you are doing high magnification work.
  12. Bill, a Speed Finder FN takes care of the high eyepoint issue! That was a nikon gimmick anyway - on its F3 fhat had only one operable shutter speed without battery power!
  13. My first and only canon of that time period : F-1 with 50mm F-1.4 My son has it now :
  14. My "favorite" classic Canon is the AE-1 Program, but it's my only classic Canon SLR, I'm afraid. At the time it was sold new, I was still a Nikonite, so I missed the excitement of the switch to EOS.
    Although I'm sure it's not what you mean, I actually quite like my little Canonet 28. It's really nicer to use than the Rollei 35 that was my backup camera for so many years.
  15. Canonets count too, JDM. Great responses so far, with a number of Canons I've not had the pleasure of using.
  16. I owned as many as three A1's at one point in time, and my son still has one of them.
    Still, for me, the L1 rangefinder is the favorite.
  17. The EF with FDn 35-105 f3.5. It's actually a toss-up between this and the F1 but, the EF is lighter and I like the oversized shutter speed control.
  18. Canon AE-1 for me. My son used one for his college photography classes, as well. My father's favorite camera, any make, any type, was the Demi EE17. I still have it, and it still in first class working condition.
  19. apologies for the tacky unoriginal lens, i have a proper f/1.4 breechlock around here somewhere...[​IMG]
  20. Andy
    I have one exactly like yours but brassy and srcatchy looking, I'm so ashamed to post it up. Cheers
  21. F1N AE, EF, FTbn, I don't much care for the A series especially the AE1, although I have an A1 I use it very rarely these days.
  22. Minh --brassiness shows character and means your camera has been used for exactly what it was designed. Show it!
  23. First of I love my AE-1 and always will as it was my first camera. I also love my T-80. Very simple and no manual controls but fun to use and the optics are great (even if there is only 3) I have a FTb and a FTb QL both are nice cameras though I have yet to use them. Would love to get an A-1, F-1, F-1n, T-90 and an AE-1 program. T-50 is a decent basic camera, don't care to much for the T-70. I would also love to get a Pellix. I have a Canonet 1.9 but the aperature blades are stuck so I don't know how good of a camera it is, but I like the feel of it.
  24. Andy Collins [​IMG], Jun 01, 2009; 07:19 a.m.
    Minh --brassiness shows character and means your camera has been used for exactly what it was designed. Show it!

    Not necessarily -- the black finish on the F1N was so soft, that they literally came out of the box with brass showing in several places.
  25. I have not had my F1`s long enough yet, A1`s dont quite fit the question, so my vote goes for the EF. Damn my typing, SB DSLR
  26. the V and VI series rangefinders
  27. Roger, take that brand x lens cap off!
    Nice EF, I have two, one with the microprism only and one with the split surrounded by microprism. They both work fine but on one the red LED stay continously lit instead of blinking on long exposures, the times are correct though, so it must be something on the LED circuit that is bad, but I'm not going to have it taken apart only for that!!
    Curtis, actually the only thing i DON'T like about the EF appearance-wise is that wind lever, shutter button and shutter speed dial on on the same lever, it makes the camers top appear too bare. They should have retained the F-1s and FTb's layout, but it was probably a deliberate design decision, because they sort of repeated it with the AE-1. Minolta SR-T series has the button and wind lever integrated, but has a separate shutter speed dial (probably with ASA in it).
    All my cameras are at home except for 1 F-1 that i bought online here (afghan-land) so i can't post any! waaaaahhhh!!! Oh well, when my mint Lake Placid arrives, I'll try to get a pic of that posted - It's real nice - no brass! I'll slap on the 85mm F1.2L for additional appeal!!
    When I get home, (NEXT YEAR!!) I'll update that wiki photo with one with the nice LP F-1 with a different F1.2 lens on each camera, a chrome nose on the Montreal, a black nose 55mm F1.2 SSC on the Lake placid and a new FD 50mm F1.2 on the LA F-1.
    Brian, that is a NICE VL !!!!!
    As to the quality Canon FDs see attached taken with one of my F-1s:
  28. Thanks Mike, i was hoping no one would notice the lens cap... looks like a search on the bay.
    @ Brian. Those RF canons sure look sweet, i can feel this strange itch coming on. What is the lens mount on those? Are the lens easy to find?
  29. I think they are leica thread mount (LTM) 39mm diameter. You can find the lesnes easily enough, as long as you are not trying to buy a 50mm F0.95!!!
  30. the canon V and VI series are the best Leica Thread Mount (a/k/a Leica Screw Mount, LSM, LTM or M39) cameras ever made. they have a small but dedicated following of users and collectors. KEH usually has a few at very reasonable prices and there's an exhaustive list of available lenses at the cameraquest pages. here's a link to a story i wrote about Canon LTM rangefinders at jpgmag: http://jpgmag.com/stories/11222
  31. Canon P, 7 and 7S also had LTM and were the last of the Canon LTM Rangefinders. The 7 and 7S had a baynot flange fitted over the thread mount for the 50mm F0.95!
    One of these days - but only after i get my Cadillac Convertibles restored!
  32. One of my Canon EFs with Canon 85/1.2L.
  33. Canon P, 7 and 7S also had LTM and were the last of the Canon LTM Rangefinders. The 7 and 7S had a baynot flange fitted over the thread mount for the 50mm F0.95!
    One of these days - but only after i get my Cadillac Convertibles restored!
  34. Agreed Mike, ouch they are a bit pricey here in UK.I just bought 2 F1`s so i guess i will have hold that thought. Cool car BTW
  35. Any of you A-1 fans find that they're pretty reliable? I bought a big box of photo equipment recently that included an A-1 that looks really good and has a spotless 50mm f1.8 lens. Unfortunately, the camera winding mechanism is jammed and nothing about the electronics seems to work. I put a battery in and ... nothing. Finally, anyone have any experience getting one of these overhauled? And, if so, where'd you get it done and how much did it cost?
    BTW: I'm not putting down the T90 at all, but the profile of the pentaprism makes it look like a bigger version of the Pentax Auto 110.
  36. A Canon Vt Deluxe with 50mm 1.2 lens, required lens hood and all the filters is my favorite and only Canon camera.
  37. My favorite is my first - Canon FT and FL lenses.
  38. The FT is a classy camera!
  39. Hi, some very nice cameras have been shown here. However give me a rangefinder for now. I just can't be trusted around a program or auto button. I find that for me full manual is the best way to improve my poor skills. It's taking time but improvement does come. For now I'm using a Canon P, with a czj 1:1,5 sonnar f=5cm T .

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