What's wrong with my camera? Pictures with lines?

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by ray_tse, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. Hi, something is wrong with my panasonic DMC LZ8.
    all the pictures are coming out blurry and has horizontal lines all over it.
    does anyone know what could be the cause of this? thank you.
  2. When I open your photo I see a few black lines but they dissappear as more of the picture appears. To check the camera properly I suggest that you select '10 second delay release' place camera on a firm support [ table chair etc so that it is steady] press trigger and leave the camera alone [ you are not touching it ]. If the picture comes out blurred you have a faulty camera ... if it comes out sharp then your problem is camera shake and you should try to hold the camera steady at time of exposure. You do not need to hit the trigger to take a photo as you might have done with a film camera but just 'caress' the digital trigger gently to take a photo. Hope this helps you :)
  3. Don't know if there is any relation here... This was taken with my Pentax K20D, and it's a pretty heavy crop to emphasize the diagonal striping you may see. I found this only once, several thousand photos ago, and never before, either.
    I also happened to be standing right below high voltage transmission towers, with upward of about 11 wires. I asked about this and someone responded magnetic fields may have been messing with my sensor. Shots I took even just a couple hundred feet away no longer had these problems. Someone also mentioned a powered up cell phone may be able to mess with the sensor.
    Hope this helps...
  4. thanks,
    the funny thing is, this happens to all my still images, but the videos come out fine.
  5. Something's not right. Are you still under warranty? If so, send it to Panasonic for repair. Send them sample images, too.
  6. If you are suggesting the second lot of pictures are OK I would suggest you are mistaken. On my monitor they are a bit better but still not good.
  7. I fixed the problem!
    It was a problem with the shutter. took it apart and fixed it.
    Thanks guys
  8. Hi Ray, I have the same problem too with my Sony Digital Camera S750. It is good in video , but it has lines in pictures. Can you show me more detail what I should fix in the shutter ? thanks
  9. For me the shutter part was stuck open, so i cleaned it to fix it.
    what do i do like were is the shutter located ?
    do i clean it?
    how should i do this?
    pleasee reply thanks!

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