What's the difference between Metz CL-4 and CL-4 Digital ?

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by hjoseph7, May 7, 2007.

  1. Does anybody know what's the difference between the Metz CL-4 and the Metz CL-4
    Digital ? These days with all the talk about non-dedicated flashes frying the
    circuits of Digital cameras it pays to be safe.
  2. Metz is playing catch up. They came out with a digital cord to connect from the camera to the flash. Using TTL. I wrote and asked them if they can convert my old CL-4's to digital and the answer is no. So they also upgraded their 60 series strobes to digital as well as a new cord.
  3. Hello Harry, Pentax has a device to protect the camera circuit from voltage damage. Contact you camera manufacturer if the has one available. Good luck D.D.
  4. bdp


    One has an adaptor that lets you do TTL whereas the other one is manual settings. I use the 60CT-4's manually.

    Not to hijack this thread, but has anyone used the 70/76 series from
  5. The regular CL-4 does not work with E-TTL, i-TTL, or Minolta's digital TTL flash metering. The CL-4 Digital does. Neither one will damage your digital camera unless your camera can't handle more than 6 volts. The regular CL-4 has a sync voltage of about 16 volts. The 45 Digital probably has an even lower sync voltage.

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