Whats the best 35mm SLR?

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by jonjel, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. Whats a good 35mm SLr camera? Is contax a good SLR?
  2. Please, please, search the forum archives! Half of all threads are dedicated to this topic.
  3. Best for what ? Best for who ? Give a novice a Canon 1v or a Nikon F5 and he will hate the added weight and will not know how to exploit the added features. He will also probably stick a kit zoom on it and wonder why he gets crappy pictures. Also remember that the system is much more important in the long run.

    But really, search the archives. There is a lot of info.

    Happy shooting ,
  4. First you ask "What's the best SLR," then "What's a good SLR."What is the best or good car, computer, stereo, motorcycle, automatic pistol, power lawnmower, toaster, or ANYTHING? Your job is to familiarize yourself with what's on the market, then match the product to your needs, wants, and budget. You should get a bewildering variety of opinions here, and all will have some validity. Do you want new or used; manual or all the bells and whistles; do you want to be able to avail yourself of the maximum number of lenses and accessdsories, and so on? Do your homework!
  5. Minolta X-700
  6. One not left at home.
  7. Mine is the best.
  8. I've owned 10 SLRs, at least I counted on my fingers til I ran out and 10 seems like a good enough number, and I still own 11, and I think they're mostly good, I mean if I work 'em right I get nice pix and people even buy them from me to the tune of five-figure gross sales last year, but yeah I have owned some crappy ones too, but what the heck I'll tell you which one's the best ... it's my K1000 no wait that's too clunky and totally devoid of features so it must be the ZX-M but that is manual focus so it must be the Maxxum 7 now there's a safe answer 'cept it has all these features I never use so it must be the XK that's got to be a good answer 'cos I only paid $40 for it so I sure get a bang for those bucks but no wait it's kind of clunky and limited too so it must be the Maxxum 9000, no I misspeak myself it's the 600si but oh yeah Contax, I never owned one, they can't be any good ...

    Good Grief. The best SLR is the model that you use to produce the best photos. It can be done with anything, anything at all.
  9. One that does the job.
  10. I agree with Rick. Zenit B. Actually, that is what the "B" stands for...B for Best.

  11. You could always use the "bigger is best" thought pattern. If you do, you might want to try the pentax 67 cameras, Canon's professional eos cameras with the grip comes close to this too, plus you can stick a number of really huge white lenses on the front of it, that makes it even bigger (better).

    Of course you could be a rebel and think that smaller is better, in that case you want to check out Pentax's *ist or canon's elan 7,.
  12. the ones you don't have.
  13. Angelo; at the very top of the spectrum I feel that the pro-model Canon is the very best (EOS 1V)however, short of that, Nikon probably has better intermediate 35mm bodies. The range and cost of good lenses for either is comparable. Contax cameras and lenses are very good although expensive when new and depreciate in value faster than some others. Please excuse the rude people who waste their time and yours as though your question is to them only and they have somehow taken time from their important busy lives to answer it for you before.Perhaps those who spend endless hours over many years have heard all of the questions and are loath to hear them repeated but some of us come in during the middle of the movie and want to ask a question without being told to 'Read the book,be quiet,and don't bother us'. Certainly any teacher in any classroom could answer any question by saying "Why are you wasting my time? Go to the library and get your own information." Please ignore the old moldy attitudes which are not helpful. G.E.
  14. A perfectly good question!

    Nikon F for finder, durability and ergonomics.

    Nikon F2 for finder, nearly as good durability, almost as good ergonomics and for superior versitility.

    Pentax LX for versitility, very good durability and portability.

    Note: This comes from a fanatic Leica RF user.
  15. I found the minolta dynax 5 to be the best for me. So i bought it. If anybody cares. :eek:)
  16. Alex, the Autofocus is broken on all the cameras you mentioned, so how could they be the best? And, BTW, the Olympus OM-1n is as good as any of the ones you listed. Unless you're carrying them for me on location.
  17. The best? Wow, I'd say a top of the line Contax AX. Hard to top that but I have used a Canon EOS 1n for many years and have enjoyed it.
  18. Best, eh ...

    Old or new, museum quality or special edition?

    The more expensive ones are often considered better ... but not when you want to go around photographing in a slum ...

    Most expensive would be easier to answer, but why do you care? Maybe someone will hand build you one for $ 1,000,000.00. That would be the best ...

    Stupid concepts and questions get the same kind of answers ... Sorry.
  19. Angleo,

    Like the pervious poster said, ignore the rude replies you have gotten. They must have forgotten what it was like to be a beginner. Anyways, here is the simple way of choosing a SLR that was explained to me. Go to a camera shop and check them all out, the one that feels the best in your hands is the one you should get. Kind of simple I know but it works. Remember it’s the person behind the SLR that makes the photo great, and not so much the equipment. Just for the record I have a Maxxum 5 and to me it’s the best. DON’T, I repeat, DON’T but it from them. Once you’ve decided on a camera then search online to find the best price, always include S/H in the overall price. Your next question will be “what lens should I get”? Many SLR’s come in a kit that usually is a zoom lens. We’ll be here waiting for that question. Good Luck!
  20. Manuel,

    I absolutely do NOT agree with this - "DON’T, I repeat, DON’T but it from them. Once you’ve decided on a camera then search online to find the best price, always include S/H in the overall price."

    You are telling him to go to a camera store and use their knowledge and display and then buy from a place that has the best price. For one, he will probably wind up buying from cambridge camera or some other hole that will screw him out of money in the end. Two, if you are going to use the camera store, maybe you should, oh I don't know, buy something from them. Sometimes, especially in the beginning, its good to start using an in-town camera shop to learn. My experience is that the learning that you will pull out of these guys will be worth more than the percentage you might save.

    Angelo, we need more information from you to answer this question. This is the reason you are getting smart*ss remarks. Get more specific and figure out what you will want in a camera and then everybody can argue what is best for you. If you are a beginner, than get a few books about learning photography. I can recommend John Shaw's books for nature, and then you might have an idea where you want to go. If you are not a beginner, than we need more information about your shooting style and subject matter.
  21. Angelo, if you are a beginner and intend to develop your technique I suggest you get a
    good quality mechanical camera and a simple 50 mm "normal" lens so that you can learn
    the basics. Following this stage you should appreciate the inner workings and the crafting
    of the photograph. Learn composition, lighting, DOF, hyperfocal distance, etc., etc. Once
    you learn the type of picture taking that you most enjoy you should know what kind of
    system is best suited for that, whether it includes Nikon, Canon, Contax, Leica, Mamya etc.
    My suggestion as iterated by some: Start with the BASICS learn and enjoy and build from
    your knowledge.
  22. Try Pentax 110...
  23. Keith,

    There’s nothing wrong with searching for the best price online and visiting a brick and mortar store to actually see & feel the product. Tell me you’ve never done that before, that’s right because you can’t. It’s hard taking the advice of some kid behind the counter. And if I’m fortunate enough to get someone my own age helping me the good old “Nikon is the best” rant gets old. My advice is to feel each camera in his own hands and decide for him self. He knows who the major players are Minolta, Nikon, & Cannon.
  24. No, Contax is a terrible camera. so are Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Minolta, Olympus and
    Minox. The only camera you should buy for yourself is Leica. Go to the Leica Forum
    and ask them which is the best Leica and they'll be happy to help.
  25. Actually, the best SLRs are the ones with rare leather coverings and gold plating. TIME TO
  26. Hmmm, seems to be a few evil little people out there LOL.
    Well, since you're asking which is the best SLR I would assume you're beginner. Also you looked at Contaxs - a wealthy beginner! The most important thing for a SLR is not its features but the sytem as a whole. A camera with all the latest bits and bobs won't do you no good if you can only find one lens made for it. In light of this I would say go with Canon if you want the latest shiny toys or Pentax for their old mechanical K-mount cameras if you want quality for less money.
    I've got both and am pleased with both. The Canon usually goes with me when I need the autofocus and for taking quick pictures while I'm running about. The Pentax on the other hand goes with me when I need a camera to take pictures like landscapes and other stationary stuff. I actually have a Pentax 67II for most stationary stuff but the Pentax is a nice backup.
    Best thing to do is actually try various cameras.
  27. Manuel,

    Assumption is the mother of all *&^%-ups. How do you know that Angelo knows the three major players in slr camera production? Like I said, we need more information from Angelo to answer this question.

    "There’s nothing wrong with searching for the best price online and visiting a brick and mortar store to actually see & feel the product." - I think you are wrong, and please, assume what my reasons are.

    "Tell me you’ve never done that before, that’s right because you can’t." - I have never done that before. When I go into a camera shop, not a local drug store that happens to sell some point and shoots or the Target electronics section, but shops that cater to enthusiasts and carry real gear. I talk to the employees about photographic equipment and subjects. They are usually helpful and very schooled in the gear that they are selling. It helps when I have informed questions. When I feel they have gone the extra mile and performed a service for me, I give them my business.
  28. Depending on where you are, there should be decent camera shops. If a camera store sells lots of high end equipment, the odds are that they have knowledgeable people. If there is a small price difference between a camera store and online, buy local. If you have to pay an extra hundred dollars for a $4500 camera, that isn't much considering. It is always better to suppport local stores than support the Walmarts of the world.
  29. ^^^ Yes, Keith. But some stores will also push whatever camera or lens that they are getting the greatest kickback for on that particular day/week/month.

    It's not to say that b&m stores are dishonest, but a raw rookie who knows nothing about photography and the inside dealings of these stores is *not necissarily* going to be steered in the right direction for whatever needs or type of photography that they are interested in. There are salesmen who will steer them to whatever product will pad their commission check the greatest.
  30. My, what a bunch of opinionated a**holes most of us are!

    Smart*ss responses aside, there are a lot of very good cameras, and almost any camera is perfectly fine for most purposes. Without more information from Angelo, the answers simply cannot be definitive, and can only be trusted a little bit. Some knowledgeable people have already given advice that would be right for some people and horribly wrong for others.

    Angelo, if you're even looking at this at this point, read the "what camera should I buy" stuff, do a little research, and come back with *specific* questions, please.

  31. The best 35mm SLR is a larger camera than a average 35mm rangefinder ;)
  32. 35 mm !
  33. More seriously for a beginner I will suggest to buy a used praktica tl or mtl (the pentacon 50/1,8 has a great feature it focuse to 30cm) and save money for film.
  34. For what it's worth...my input.
    I've had rangefinders, Fuji, Nikon...
    In the hands of someone with a desire to capture an image
    Nothing beats my 1968 Pentax Spotmatic!!!
    Optics are great...simple to use. Nothing to break.
  35. The other one.
  36. Best SLR is one that actually works correctly. I've seen a number of folks post pics with their "favorite, best, and perfect old camera" clearly showing in ALL of the pictures that it is not working correctly anymore....
  37. Olympus OM1 or OM2.
    Hands down, no questions asked.

    or a Nikon N80.

    I'm not biased. I promise.
  38. Go out and take some photos, after you do this for about 20 years the answer will come to you.
  39. Though out of production now for many years the Pentax MX was
    the smallest, lightest, full function manual SLR in the world.
    Versitle and hard working. I bought my first MX in 1979 and only
    this last year had it in for service. It's light meter having worn out.
    (To insure aginst future troubles of this kind I've bought a couple
    of donar bodies for parts.)

    For the present day I'm leaning toward the Pentax *ist cameras.
    The 35mm body has just been voted best SLR by the TIPA. I'm
    also hearing great things about iit's digital brother the 6.3mp
    *ist-D. One great thing about these cameras is that their lenses
    are interchangable!
  40. Want a new 35mm slr camera then the Nikon F100 is your best bet. It handles almost all of Nikon's lenses including AI-S manual lenses. Has matrix metering for auto focus lenses and can shoot up to 4.5 frames per second. It is still available brand new at B & H PHOTO at only 750.00 dollars. I bought one myself and it works great. It is made in Japan which is a big plus. This camera will last a lifetime !

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