What's a Linhof Kardan Master L?

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by stefan_dalibor, Sep 27, 2003.

  1. Is there something like a Linhof Kardan Master L?<br>
    From the foto I saw, this looks like a Master GTL, but w/o the base
    tilts, and a chrome monorail with cylindrical cross-section. Is
    this an earlier or cheaper model of the current GTL series, and
    where could I find the specs like dimensions, type (which, geared?)
    and range of movements?<p>

  2. It's a real fancy German view camera with half of the front and back standards missing. If you have to ask, you probably can't afford it ;0)

    Check out the HP website.
  3. Hm, I checked the HP site, but found only a brief description of the current (GTL) model - BTW, B&H's online catalogue seems to contain much more technical details on this camera.
    But, I found no reference to the »L« model I mentioned... so, the questions remain:
    • How is this L model related to the current one?
    • Is it (aside from the missing base tilts) the same, feature- and movement-wise?
    • Are the L accessories available / compatible (e.g. monorail extensions) with current Linhof systems?
    As usual, Bob Salomon will have to be the last and definitive resort for this online Linhof puzzle, too :):)...
  4. As usual, Bob Salomon will have to be the last and definitive resort for this online Linhof puzzle, too :):)...
    After the way he was roasted in this site, I would not hold my breath waiting for his answer. I think it will be a while before the bad taste leaves his mouth and he comes back to this site. You can always ask in the LF forum....the original I mean.
  5. The book Das Linhof Kamera Buch / The Linhof Camera Story describes it as Linhof's first monorail with L-shaped standards. However, the 8x10 version used double standards on the rear. It has a fixed length, cylindrical rail. The later LT added the telescoping rail. The Kardan Master L was made from 1974 to 1979. The "L" stands for the shape of the standards and the "T" for the telescoping rail (which the plain L lacks). The GTL is an even later model.
    For further details, since you are apparently located in Germany, why don't you phone the factory?
  6. Well, the pleasure of answering one's own questions... :)
    I followed Michael's advice and asked Linhof - they were very helpful, and it turned out that
    • the Kardan L is indeed a non-yaw-free center tilt camera with L-standarts and center tilts
    • the original, earlier version had floating tilt axis on both standards, for asymmetrical application of Scheimpflug's principle
    • Linhof had to omit the floating tilts, because Sinar won a patent law suit about asymmetrical tilt axis (seems a bit strange to me as a patent layman - variable tilt axis are IMHO a bit more sophisticated than the fixed asymmetrical axis I know from Sinars)
    • so there are 2 versions of the Master L, w/ and w/o floating tilt axis
    • the Kardan Master L was a very sturdy design, even for Linhof's high standards, and some parts for it might even be still available from Linhof
    • lensboards, bellows and backs should be compatible to current Linhof products
    • I was asked why in Heaven's sake I was interested in a 13x18 camera, as film supply for this format would probably dwindle in the near future :):)

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