What's a Fair price for a used 5D

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by bill_dewberry, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. I'm starting to see used 5D bodies for sale, usual price is $ 1,700 to $ 1,900, which seems high to me; Amazon sells new for
    $ 2,200, seems wiser to pay an extra $ 500 for new; at what price does a used 5D make sense ?
  2. Mint? Beater? 50,000 shutter cycles or 1000? Price is all about condition coupled with supply and demand.
  3. "seems wiser to pay an extra $ 500 for new"

    I loved my 5D (favorite camera ever). If you have the money, the MKII is a much wiser choice.
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    They are going to be going for nothing pretty soon. Once the new one drops, I can't see anyone paying more than $1200 for a used one. I have 3 so I'll probably sell one to help finance a MK2.
    (I paid $1950 for a new 5D after the rebate.)
  5. Joseph. Spare the pedantry. I am interested and looking also. I see the market for a 5d in decent shape with a good amount of life left on it currently at about fifteen hundred dollars or with bargaining a little less.. I will become more interested when it hovers under $999. There are a lot of wonderful features on the Mark II but I am interested a full frame camera to mount my 17-40 f4lL on while using my crop bodies for other stuff. As I have L lenses and do not want to buy EF-s lenses for wide angle. The body at that price would be better than purchsaing an EF-S to me. .
  6. I don't think the 5D will ever go for NOTHING. Ha. That would be great.<p>
    I have been tracking the prices too and see 7-8+ models going for $1200, 8-9+ models going for $1400, 10+ models going for $1500-$1600. There was one model on eBay that got away for $1000... in decent condition.
    I actually doubt the camera will ever drop much below $1000. $1K seems like where a used 5D will sit for a long time... that is just my guess. Even the 4 year old 10D is still getting $300.
    good luck.
  7. I recently sold a mint/mint- 5D for $1475.
  8. Right now 1500 for one with low clicks 1200 for a well used one 1000 for an overly used one

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