What would your Leica inspired tatoo be?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by gib, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. gib


    If after serious thought or a full moon or large vat of alcohol intake or any combination
    thereof, what form of tatoo would you have applied to your skin to show your

    a). love of Leica

    b). non love of Leica

    Please feel free, yet responsible, when posting, to specify details of location, while keeping
    in mind that this is a family of photographic folk including young'uns.
  2. You must be really bored.
  3. S. Leica
  4. gib


    Yeah, Peter, I have been reading the glow thread. Plus, I have a couple of herniated discs
    which are making my version of walking right now mean that snails lap me. I just thought
    we might have some fun.

    at least part of mine would be

    Made in Canada

    and a serial number that would fit the year 1953
  5. 'in business - STILL'
  6. awahlster

    awahlster Moderator

    The outline of a Canon L-1 in black with a 50mm f1.4 and proper hood I think Right shoulder would do nicely.

    I'll let you decide if that is pro or con of which I am neither owning both Canon Rf and Leica Rf's as the case may be. I just like my L-1 best. And I wish it was Black.
  7. This forum finally jumped the shark.
  8. I suppose it would be bright red on my Forehead and it would say "Loser" in Leica script.
    THen of course I would put black tape over it so as not to attract attention.

  9. Oh yeah....

    Leica Bumper Stickers: "My other Camera is also a Leica" and "Nice camera, sorry about
    your Pe**is"
  10. "Leica Uber Alles"


    "Ein film, ein lens, ein Leica"


    "Ist das nicht ein uber lens?"


    "Ein, zwei, Leica"
  11. "Ich bin ein Poseur"
  12. Reminds me of a friend I played hockey with - had a Bruins tattoo on his forearm - a big one - he was drafted & dedicated his life to them - then was traded ...

    If I was to get tat's - I would look like a freak - would look like Nascar or Indy cars because of all the cameras I have or have used..

    Besides - I don't even like wearing clothing with logos - so a tattoo would probably have to be something like an image I've taken - not a logo per se.

    Hence - the only option would to have one on my ... which would read "Linkninhfaia" in one state & in the other state would read "LeicaNikonLinhofMamiya"

    Not sure the wife would like it much - would need too many lens tissues to clean :)

    Sorry if I've gone overboard here - not enough alcohol yet to make me a reasonable person.
  13. my vote for dumbest thread of the year (decade) goes to....
  14. Last time I was close to getting a tatoo my friends where so drunk, they forgot me under the table in a pub. So I woke up with a bad hangover like everybody else but without a sailingship or an anchor on my arms :)

    Must have been autumn 1985 in Newcastle, that Brown Ale is potent ...
  15. I think a collapsible 90 elmar. Location up to you.
  16. Tough crowd -- I think a funny question anyway. I'd do a red dot of course. Would also do double duty to show my love of the Goerz "red dot" Artars I use on my 8x10 Deardorff. Not sure where I'd put it though.
  17. awahlster

    awahlster Moderator

    Gavin YOU MADE ME LAUGH!!!!!!!

    I wonder how many get the joke?

    ahhhh or something like that.
  18. Bunny with pancakes atop head.
    On my hindquarters.
  19. A tatoo on MY bulging muscular arms? Crap, it'll take attention away from the T-shirts! The version Marc Williams designed already has two Leicas on it.
  20. 'Don't forget to remove the lens cap'
  21. Ja, das ist ein Summicron! I like Kerry's contribution best. Best regards. Bill
  22. Now, all we need is a lens called "Schnitzelbank"!
  23. I guess my tattoo would be:



    just continuing the hockey threads.
  24. >What would your Leica inspired tatoo be? <

  25. Dumbest thread of the year/decade? Not hardly. You obviously haven't been around here long enough.

    And this forum jumped the shark when it moved off the greenspun/LUSENET servers.
  26. Be kind to wjg as bad back trouble can affect one in many ways.

    Oscar - lovely, but do you need the "I" or am I in the wrong area ?
    (The sun shines from many strange places)
  27. gib


    well, I thought it might be fun...since there are quite a few witty souls on this forum.

    to those who took this as an idea to play with, thanks for posting.

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