What would you want to see in a photography website or blog?

Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by ben_campbell|3, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. I'm in the process of building a photography website/blog and wanted to get some feedback from anyone on what kind of content you think is missing or could be improved upon in the photography space online. It could be post-processing tutorials, advice on increasing creativity, travel photography advice (location specific), gear/software reviews, or even how to become successful as a photographer online (building a business and website) either as a hobby or professionally.

    What would your ideal website be that would make you want to go back again and again to get help, and advice, and inspiration? Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. If your content is freaking awesome I'd doubt you could write as fast as I'll sponge it. - Not sure what to say: I read Steve Huff, Ken Rockwell & Overgaard for gear purchase inspirations / infotainment. - Lensrentals.com's blog is great too. - I liked Al Kaplan's thepriceofsilver. And yes I am occasionally visiting Strobist. I also land inside random blogs reviewing odd bits I am pondering to purchase.
    What I do miss so far is a software tutorials thing with lots of video sniplets to click but redundant text to hurry through.
    Software reviews should be in depth; i.e. show what you can do with common reference software and what you can't with the other, how it is too complicated etc.
    Gear reviews are IMHO problematic to write, unless you have a huge enough pool to put every piece into the great picture. - How to give somebody an impression of how much better Nikon AF is vs Pentax' and Fuji's? - Thats something I am missing online so far. I wish dpreview had an idea how to set up something like their comparsion shots for high ISO performance. - Same about EVF lag. Lens tests should include comparsions, read like "where do you pay IQ by skipping the expensive pro zoom".
    I fear I live too distant to benefit from travel advice. - Sorry if my bottom line is just "get writing!"
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    What would your ideal website be that would make you want to go back again and again to get help, and advice, and inspiration?​

    What do you have that nobody else has posted? You can find out anything you want to know about six times over on the web. Most "informational" sites flounder and fail eventually because there isn't anything unique on them. Unless you have unique content, there's no reason for people to hit your site specifically.
    That's why photo sites are so popular. Post some interesting images, with or without commentary, and people will look.
  4. I want to see (Implement on my own site as well) a way to display pictures like these guys are doing it: https://formlabs.com/blog/ - Any clue on what Wordpress theme they are running? I love that portfolio look. As far as content goes (Text), I would just describe my work and perhaps talk about different types of photography, my inspiration sources (Articles on famous photographers, etc). @Ben, once you are done, please share your site as well.
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    Just post some great photographs. Or better yet great photographs supporting a great idea. Organise it coherently so the photographs you see together look like they belong together, not just a jumble of individual images that bear no relation to each other.
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    Any clue on what Wordpress theme they are running?​

    That site is not running WordPress. Looks like it's a custom design built with Python on a Django framework.
  7. Most of those sites of forums are separated into different themes, subtitles. You can create your own without much of text, post some tips and advice. Make it bright and colorful. I would like to join such.

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